My ex-boyfriend cheated on me to have sex with his step-sister – and I saw the X-rated video to prove it

A WOMAN has claimed on TikTok that one of her ex-boyfriends cheated on her with his OWN step-sister and allegedly saw the video to prove it.

Courtney posted the shocking story to her TikTok account, the viral video has reached over six million views since it has been posted.

Courtney claims that whilst she was out with one of her ex-boyfriend's mum having lunch, that his step-sister sent her a video of the two step-siblings having intimate relations.

Allegedly, Courtney was so shocked by the video that she instantly showed her boyfriend's mum whilst they were out for lunch.

In a comment, Courtney claims the mum looked at her in shock and instantly left the restaurant.

She claims that neither the mum nor the step-siblings talk to her.

Courtney posted the video online on New Year's Eve and it quickly went viral, in a follow-up video, she claims the step-sister sent her a message after publishing the claims on TikTok.

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The sister was allegedly outraged by Courtney's video and for using her brother's name publicly.

The message reads: "This is Ashley, what the actual f*** is wrong with you? you made a TikTok about my brother and I and you used his name?! Our friends and family saw it and now we are getting sh****d on for it! You're a piece of s**t like how f***ed up can you be? Karma is going to be a real b***h to you…"

In the video where Courtney makes the allegation, she lipsyncs to Ed Sheeran's 'Don't' and captioned the video: "And I never saw your step-sister as a threat, until she sent me a video of you two having sex, of course.

"It's not like I was out to lunch with your mom.

"I showed your mom the video."

Considering how quickly the video blew up, Courtney posted a storytime explaining her allegations.

She claims: "So basically, it was this guy I was talking to whilst in college, and I was out to lunch with his mom because we were close like that and his step-sister just decided to send me a video.

"I didn't know what it was but it ended up being a video of those two f******. I showed the mom it because I was in shock, I didn't know what to do, the mom was even more in shock, she kind of just went out of the restaurant.



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"Then I didn't really know what happened next, all I know is that he blocked me and his step-sister called me an awful person for showing the mom.

"So yeah that's basically all that happened, I don't talk to those two anymore, and neither the mom, unfortunately. 

"But everyone who is apologising, please don't, I am glad I dodged that bullet. I was a freshman in college, who was going to fall in love with the first person she laid eyes on and the guy I'd fallen in love with just so happened to be someone who f**** his sister so I'm OK."

Users of the app were flabbergasted by Courtney's claims, one wrote: "You officially win any “my ex is worse” competition."

"OMG I thought it was your stepsis. IT WAS HIS STEP SIS." Wrote another user.

A third user exclaimed: "You didn't dodge a bullet you dodged a literal nuclear bomb!"

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