My date started the night by giving me a homemade ham sandwich for dinner – but his 'surprise' entertainment was worse | The Sun

A WOMAN shared the worst first date she's ever been on.

She initially agreed to go on the date because she was excited about a dinner date but was shocked when her date gave her a ham sandwich.

Chelsea Flagg (@chelsea_flagg) shared the story with over 27,000 TikTok followers.

She explained that her date proposed a dinner and a surprise for their first date.

"Now dinner, free food at a fancy restaurant, yes, and a surprise? I am game," she said.

She dolled up on a Friday night, stomach completely empty in preparation for the meal, and was greeted at the door with a paper bag.

"Inside the paper bag are two ham and cheese sandwiches that he has made," she said.

Chelsea decided to roll with it and pull off the top piece of bread and remove the ham as she's vegetarian.

Her date, however, started losing it.

"He looks at me like I've just grown two or three extra heads," she said.

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"He's like how are you still alive? What do you even eat? How do you even function without eating meat?"

"He whacks the sandwich out of my hand and said 'That has touched meat, you should not be eating it.'"

On top of the "dinner" fiasco, her date drives to a random high school to watch a football game.

"I'm trying to watch this game but he cannot let go of the idea that I'm vegetarian," she said.

After the game was over, her date attempts to feed her by taking her to a 7/11.

"I got myself a bag of potato chips, went home, poured myself an enormous bowl of cereal," she said.

People took to the comments to share their thoughts.

"Honey when he pulled out that paper bag you should have gotten out of your car and went home. Byeee!" said one commenter.

"Wait will he finds out about vegans," joked another.

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