My cousin stole my baby names TWICE, I’m so angry I don’t think I’ll ever get over it

A MUM-TO-BE has been left frustrated after her cousin stole both of her chosen baby names for her two children after she accidentally let them slip.

In an anonymous Facebook post, which was then shared to Reddit, the angry UK-based woman explained how she gave birth to her little boy in 2016 and had the name picked out from being 17 weeks pregnant.

She continued: "Fast forward to 2017 not even a year later my cousin had her baby and named him the exact same name."

The woman was admittedly left infuriated by the scenario, so imagine her horror when she fell pregnant again – and the exact same happened.


"Fast forward to now I'm now 30 weeks pregnant with a girl and my cousin is around 24 weeks also with a girl," she wrote.

"A few weeks ago I accidentally posted a photo of a personalised item I'd had made for baby in a photo dump for my Facebook albums.

"She's now posted all the little bits she's had personalised for her baby and is calling her baby the EXACT same name I'm calling my baby."

The woman went on to say how the baby name is after her mum and partner's mum, so said there really is no need.

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Keen for advice, she asked the social media forum users whether they'd be "p***ed off" or think she's "overreacting" – and the response was very mixed.

Many took to the comments section to admit they too would be annoyed, with some branding her cousin's actions "petty."

"Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery," wrote one. "Just kidding, this is weird."

A second commented: "Maybe if it was just the one time I would agree. But this cousin has copied the first AND middle names for both babies."

Elsewhere, a third added: "One kids is a coincidence, two is just odd unless she's picked something in the top 10. But even then, just weird whether they're close or not. I wonder if there's some weird childhood rivalry or fascination.

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Just kidding, this is weird.

"I wouldn't confront her per se but maybe have a comment about how is such a 'unique' situation."

Another branded it "bizarre" while a further penned: "Oh that’s creepy! First and middle names for both babies? Yeah…that’s really weird. I’m dying to know what the rest of the family has to say about it!"

However, others insisted the mum-to-be shouldn't have shared what her favourite baby name was in the first place.

"Am I the only one who thinks they shouldn’t have shared what the name was!?" commented one.

A second penned: "Are y’all close? If I had picked a name in advance, I definitely have cousins that aren’t close enough to affect me using the name."

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