My bridezilla sister won't let me tell our PARENTS if I give birth – her comments about my husband shocked me more | The Sun

A PREGNANT maid of honor says her sister went full bridezilla ahead of her wedding, making unreasonable demands about her pregnancy.

Kayla says her sister told her that if she went into labor early, she must leave the wedding without telling a soul – but the comment she made about Kayla's husband was icing on the cake.

Kayla shared the story in a WeddingWire forum, explaining that her due date was just a few weeks after her sister's wedding.

But her sister was terrified that Kayla's pregnancy would steal focus from her on her big day.

"Her worry is I’ll go in labor early, and if I do, she said under no circumstances am I to say a word, just leave," Kayla wrote.

"She also asked me not to post on [Facebook] or even text my parents until the next day."

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Kayla told her sister that she doesn't plan to announce if she goes into labor at her wedding, but if she has to leave to go to the hospital, she will tell their parents – who will be watching her older kids.

But the bride is "not OK with that."

Kayla also pointed out that as the maid of honor and sister of the bride, her absence will be noticed if she leaves early – so "people will know anyway."

"She said even if they ask if I’m okay to say yes and walk away," Kayla wrote.

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In fact, she said, the bride told her that if someone asks if she's in labor, she'd rather Kayla say: "No, I’m going to go f*** my husband in a closet."

Kayla wasn't thrilled with the request.

"I know it’s her special day and I would never want to ruin it, but I feel she’s gone overboard," she wrote.

"These are things I would never expect from somebody in my wedding when I got married."

Commenters are horrified by the bride's behavior, with one calling the bride "insane" and one more accusing her of "grossly overstepping."

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"Yikes she definitely stepped over a line," wrote one. "Asking you not to tell your parents if you go into labor when they're watching your kids isn't ok."

"Your sister is absolutely ridiculous," wrote another. "If her wedding day can be ruined by her sister going into labor and stepping out to go to the hospital, she's not getting married for the right reasons."

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