My boyfriend said he couldn’t afford my birthday present – I found out he was spending all his money on another woman

AFTER being very understanding, when her boyfriend told her that he could not afford the birthday gift she asked for, one woman was disgusted to find out that he was spending all his money on another sex worker.

Hannah Belay discovered numerous messages between her boyfriend and the other woman, including details of a session he paid for the day before her birthday.

Taking to her TikTok account, Hannah explained that she did not question her boyfriend when he said he couldn't afford her present as the couple was building a house at the time.

Posting under the domain @hana.belay she said: "Storytime. Another story, about me, getting cheated on, and how I found out. So it all started with me wanting a go-pro."

"That was literally the only thing I wanted from my partner, so he promised to get it for me. At the time we were building a house and the day before my birthday he goes to me, oh I am so sorry but I can't afford to buy your go pro" added Hannah.

The girlfriend was very nice about it as she assumed her man needed the money for something for their new home.


Hannah did not think much of the excuse her boyfriend gave at the time, but five months later, when borrowing his laptop, that the truth came out.

"When I opened his laptop, all of his iMessages were popping up. So I opened it, curious, and I scroll all the way down, and there is a number with no texts on there. It's not a number saved, and all the texts have been deleted" she said.

"So I copy and paste the number into Google. and what comes up says "hot Latina, bug peach." Let's call it a spicy accountant. I thought it was a mistake, I thought there is no way that this is accurate" added Hannah.

Investigating further, Hannah decided to copy and paste the number into her boyfriends MAC, in his finder and searched the number in all of his laptop.

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"His archives came up, of his iMessage, and all the texts that he had deleted, were there. There was a message from him to her saying 'Hi I just got your number, just wondering if you are available on this date ' and he asked what she charged" said Hannah.

"I was getting a little bit suss. She doesn't sound like a personal trainer. So I continue to read the messages and it was over many many months, while we were in the relationship, and he kept asking for appointments" she added.

To add salt to the wound, Hannah's boyfriend had paid for an appointment the same day he told her that he could not afford her birthday present.

"The last one he sent her was the 29th of November. My birthday is on the 30th. He said 'hey babe. Can we do a quick 15-minute session like last time today, I'm here'. So the money he was going to spend for my birthday he spent on her" Hannah told in her follow up post.

I was getting a little bit suss. She doesn't sound like a personal trainer. So I continue to read the messages and it was over many many months, while we were in the relationship, and he kept asking for appointments"

She continued: "At this stage, I had all the evidence. I knew everything he had done. I couldn't let him know that I knew, and I couldn't let him know how I found out so after some time I called him and said someone contacted me and said he was cheating on me."

Confronting her boyfriend, the man denied everything until she said she needed to know in case he had picked up anything and passed it on to her.

"Finally get admitted everything and it was not just the one spicy accountant.

Hannah's post has been viewed over 93k times and TikTok users have been quick to comment.

"Why would he cheat on someone like you, a treasure" commented one person.

Another said: "The audible gasp I let out when you said the last appointment was the day before your birthday."

"At this point, I would just join the FBI you're so good at catching people" commented a third.

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