My bloke let me tint his beard… it looks absolutely horrible, people say they'd be crying if they were stuck with it | The Sun

A BLOKE was left mortified after letting his partner tint his beard – and people are just as horrified.

Just like women, men take pride in their appearance, and to give his beard more colour, one man decided to get it tinted by his girlfriend.

The woman – Tammy McIntyre (@tammymcintyre_x) – then set off to work, carefully applying the dye to his face.

However, much to their surprise, it turned out to be a massive flop and Tammy shared the hair-rific outcome on TikTok.

At first, she showed in the now-viral video, things seemed to be off to a good start – but this all took a sharp turn once it was time to remove the product.

Despite all the vigorous scrubbing using a towel and desperate attempts to take off the dye, the tint seemed to be stuck on his face.

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To make matters even worse, the stunning blonde had applied the dye in straight lines, making for a rather unnatural look.

Since being uploaded on the popular video-sharing platform, the clip has taken the internet by storm and racked up close to 500k views in just one day.

Fellow TikTok users were in hysterics at the disaster, with one writing: ''I am absolutely screaming.''

But whilst some found the unfortunate situation hilarious, others were mortified and said they'd be crying if the same happened to them.

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''Has he forgave [forgiven] u yet?'' one was wondering.

Meanwhile, quite a few flocked to comments to share their top remedies, such as lemon.

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''Mix lemon juice and sugar then scrub!!! May help to reduce the color down! Good luck,'' a person suggested.

Another recommended: ''Rub the tint before you get it wet, colour takes colour off the skin lol.''

But if you thought that it's best to leave tinting in the hands of a professional, one beauty fan's experience will put you off for good, as she was left looking like an Angry Bird.

Bella posted the video on her TikTok, where the mishap has been viewed 1.2 million times.

According to the 19-year-old, she had gone to her local beauty salon where, after letting the dye sit for a while, the brow person never wiped off the tint.

This left her with brows a couple of shades darker than her hair and despite not liking them, she pretended to love the results and didn't ask for a refund.

''I told her i liked them because my social anxiety couldn’t do it," she explained.

''They are not suppose to be that colour,'' observed one viewer.

''As closer to your hair colour as possible maybe 1-2 shades darker if you have really light eye brows.''

Someone else suggested: ''Sue for emotional distress.''

However, there were also people who thought she had overreacted, like this person who wrote: ''yall are so dramatic thats what they look like after a day or two they look great for weeks.''

''I did them too and the first days they were way to dark, after it completley healed they looked perfect, so trust the process,'' added another woman.

In order to help Bella get back her eyebrows to the pre-appointment state, some viewers shared their remedies.

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''As crazy as it sounds windex will remove the color put some on a paper towel and fade the beginning of the brow,'' read one of them.

''i saw a girl use baking soda and conditioner to fix hers,'' a TikToker wrote.

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