Mums slam Fashion Nova's range for 3-year-old's as 'creepy' as kids pose in thigh-skimming skirts & backless dresses

CLOTHES brand Fashion Nova has been blasted for selling kids' clothes deemed as overtly adult – including skimpy dresses, leather trousers and belly-bearing tops.

The line, Nova Kids, launched at the end of September and has been slammed as inappropriate.

This is largely due to its child models who pose in a very grown up way, some alongside adults.

But the range has been blasted my people who think it is 'creepy and gross'.

One woman, writing on Twitter, said: "Wtf is Fashion Nova thinking with their kids line? Creepy and gross af… as a mom I’m disgusted."

Another added: "This Fashion Nova Kids is really not it. It’s some stuff up there that’s cute but it’s a lot of stuff up there that’s just not appropriate for a little girl to wear."

A third said: "Fashion Nova lost their mind with these kids clothes."

And one mum said: "I want my child dressing like a child, not like she about to go to the club."

Another write: "Fashion Nova took all of their regular outfits and just made them in kids size and told y’all here’s a kid friendly clothing line."

The mums said the brand was sexualising kids.

Earlier int he week River Island came under fire for selling leather trousers to children.

The retailer was accused by some cautious mums of "sexualising children" after the range of black leatherette trousers was spotted on display in the kids' section of the store.

Angry mums have deemed the clothing "highly inappropriate" and accused River Island of "stripping the innocence away from kids."

Some have now demanded River Island pull them from stock after one grandmother brought the matter to light while shopping with her daughter in Worcester.

Helen Richards, 60, had been browsing the aisles for an outfit for her nine-year-old granddaughter when she noticed the trousers on display.

Ms Richards, of Worcester, said: "Why are they sexualising children? Why do they feel the need to put leather trousers for parents to buy for their child?"

Fabulous approached Fashion Nova who declined to comment.

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