Mum’s reveal the worst Christmas presents they’ve received, from a doll made of prunes to a red PVC thong from their husband’s AUNT

With the big day around the corner, a group of mums have shared the worst presents they’ve ever received.

Mumsnet asked more than 1,700 members to share the horrors they’ve had to unwrap – and you’d be lucky if you got socks when compared to this haul.

Saucy underwear in front of the in laws is always embarrassing but one woman revealed her husband's aunt bought her a PVC thong, which is one way to spice up Christmas dinner.

Another woman revealed she got a four-litre catering size bottle of ketchup.

While one lucky mum received a bottle of wine, lovely, no? Well this one still had the meal deal sticker on, and we don’t think she even got the mains or side to go with it.

Worst Christmas presents mums have received

  • A bottle of wine with the meal deal sticker still on it
  • An XXXL see-through chiffon top – “I was a size 10”
  • A doll made out of prunes
  • A Sophie’s Choice DVD
  • Four litres of catering-size ketchup
  • A red PVC thong “from my husband’s auntie”
  • A 500 piece jigsaw (“I was four”)
  • Car cleaning fluid

And while dolls are a traditional gift for little girls – dolls made of prunes for grown women are just terrifying.

If you were worried about overdoing it on Christmas Day, spare a thought for the woman who was gifted an XXXL top, even though she was a size 10.

Overall, it seems celebrity-themed gifts were the worst to receive with 74 per cent saying they’d regift them.

And 68 per cent say they’d also ditch celebrity perfume.

The most popular gifts were food hampers, with 94 per cent of people saying they’d keep them.

That was joint first place with underwear and pyjamas, again with 94 per cent of people keeping them.

The staple of Christmas, while just one per cent said they like to receive socks, 95 per cent said they’d keep them.

That’s one present sorted then.

And we revealed parents are accidentally ordering Christmas presents by discussing them in front of their Amazon Alexas.

And the company is also accused of ‘ruining’ Christmas by sending out presents without packaging.

Plus you can get Christmas toilet paper printed with phrases including ‘nice baubles’.

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