Mum who admits she holds her knife in her left hand sparks fierce cutlery debate – so what’s the RIGHT way?

A MUM who admits she holds her knife in her left hand has sparked a furious cutlery etiquette debate online. 

The woman said her partner mocks her for holding her knife and fork the opposite way round, even though she is right-handed. 

The mum asked online forum site Mumsnet if she was being unreasonable to think it “doesn’t really matter” which way she holds it. 

She wrote: "I'm right-handed. I hold my fork in my right hand and knife in left.

"This is the way I've always done it and felt comfortable, was never told or taught the correct way.

"For years my partner has joked about how I can't hold a knife and fork properly and even mentioned trying it the other way.

"I've tried – it doesn't feel right to me. He told me that his mother would probably tell me to switch hands as it's her 'pet hate'.

"We've been together for 9 years. He's not mentioned it for a while (until tonight) and I've avoided eating in front of his mother as much as possible else I feel paranoid. Feel like I'm being watched!"

The mum added that her table manners are generally “okay”, and said: "I'm not a complete slob when It comes to eating or anything!”

Her post split opinions on Mumsnet, with some saying they judged people for switching hands, and others backing her up. 

One said: "Well I'd definitely notice and judge you for it I'm afraid.

"It's about table manners. 'It isn't comfortable for me' is a bit of a pathetic excuse."

Another added that it “shows a disregard for social norms and disrespect” and it is “general laziness” if she “can't be bothered spending a bit of time learning to do it properly”.

However, the majority of people backed her up. 

One wrote: "I would just ignore or take the p*** out of the way your partner holds theirs, that's what I've done to my husband in the past. 

“Don't let it put you off of eating in front of people, especially his mother!"

And one added: "Do what you feel most comfortable and ignore comments from small minded people."

So what do you think?

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