Mum uses £1.60 two-ingredient trick to clean her filthy oven – and the results are amazing

But now one savvy mum has revealed her £1.60 two-step hack for deep cleaning hers in no time – and it puts all our former cleaning products to shame.

Posting on the Mums Who Clean Facebook page, the woman showed off the remarkable results of a two-step trick she'd picked up from other cleaning fans.

She wrote: "I had only cleaned my oven once in 9 years! Joined this group a week ago and look what happened."

Divulging her budget cleaning hack, the woman wrote: "I used bicarbonate of soda and vinegar and a nylon scouring pad inside the oven."

As well as leaving her formerly filthy door sparkling, the simple acidic solution – which also works a treat on unsightly mattress stains – effectively cleaned the inside while the oven was still warm.

What's more, the woman also soaked her oven racks "in the bathtub with a dishwasher tablet" she had lying around to get rid of pesky oil stains.

Unsurprisingly, fellow cleaning fans have been blown away by the amazing results.

One replied: "Amazing! Well done! Plus no overpowering oven cleaner required! I hate that stuff – it restricts my breathing."

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Another added: "I'm part-way through cleaning mine. I will be super happy if it turns out as clean as yours!"

Better still, cleaning fans cans recreate this hack for themselves for as little as £1.59 using Mrs Hinch-approved Star Drops White Vinegar Spray and ASDA's own-brand bicarbonate of soda.

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