Mum splits opinion sharing how her 6-year-old heard her having sex & it's the girl's reaction which has people talking | The Sun

A MUM has divided opinion after revealing her six-year-old daughter was left sobbing after hearing her and her husband have sex.

Jacyi Underwood, who posts on TikTok under @part.time.milf, uploaded a video sharing the unfortunate incident.

The clip has since been viewed a whopping 46.3 million times, with many offering concern for the “traumatised” girl and others finding the situation comical.

It starts with husband Matt telling Jacyi that their daughter was crying because she “heard you screaming, and she wanted to make sure you were okay”.

He then adds that Jacyi should go and “talk to her.”

Getting out of bed, mortified Jacyi goes into her daughter’s room while still recording on her phone.

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As she enters the room, her daughter's small sobs can be heard. 

The little girl says: “I heard you screaming and I wanted to know what's wrong, but no one was answering me.”

The mum replies: “Aww our door was closed, I'm so sorry.”

The daughter continues that she heard her mum “screaming like she was hurt or something”, to which Jacyi replies: “Oh, no, I'm not hurt. I'm sorry that I scared you. I thought you were so asleep.”

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Comically, the little girl then adds: “I also heard you ordering pizza.”

Over 45,000 people have commented, and there were very split opinions.

One said: “Having sex when your children are home is weird – full stop.”

Another agreed: “Be careful with this, I have a lot of weird sexual trauma from hearing my parents have sex, it used to make me shake with fear.”

Others said she should “hire a babysitter” or “get a hotel room” next time.

Some suggested ways of masking the noise, with one person commenting: “Gotta create enough noise interference. 

“Like a combination of white noise machine & fan in the kids room and a movie/music playing in yours. It helps.”

Some TikTok users revealed they had similar experiences to the daughter when they were children.

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One wrote: “At least she didn't walk in on you. now that's traumatic and I can still see it clear as day and it's been 43 years.”

And a second added: “I used to ask my dad what was wrong with my mum and he said he was tickling her.”

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