Mum slammed for toddler’s £1k Christmas present haul says she doesn’t want her girl to think she’s on the ‘bad list'

A MUM has been slammed after showing off the massive Christmas present haul she's bought for her daughter, three, which has so far cost a whopping £1,000.

A’leasha, who is from Queensland, Australia, says she doesn't mind showering her young tot with gifts as she doesn’t want her girl to think she’s on the ‘bad list'.

A’leasha, who also has a six-week-old son, has been buying presents for the last six months, adding to the massive pile she's hidden in her wardrobe – but says she's not quite done just yet.

It all started back in June, when the Queensland mum picked up her first Christmas present in a massive mid-year toy sale. and has since been picking up things as she sees them.

Most of the presents are for her three-year-old daughter, though, as her son is only six weeks old and a little too young to appreciate Christmas.

But she hasn’t really been keeping track of how much she has spent, until working it out recently.

“So I was a little surprised to realise I’d spent around $1,400 on my daughter’s Christmas presents – but we were planning on buying the bigger items anyway, and I know that she will love it,” she tells Kidspot.

“Given her issues with adjusting with having a new baby in the house, and the less attention she is getting, we feel as though she needs to be spoiled and have more focus on her this Christmas.”

A’leasha says that she also wants to make this Christmas extra-special for her daughter as it is the first year they won’t be with their families.

Usually, they spent Christmas Eve with A’leasha’s in-laws for dinner, gifts and carols – with their daughter also allowed to open one present from her parents before bed.

We don't want her thinking he is on the bad list

And, speaking to Daily Mail Australia, she said: "We don't want her thinking he is on the bad list."

On Christmas Day, A’leasha’s family comes for breakfast and the celebrations continue – but this year will be a little different as they recently moved away.

In order to make the day feel special, A’leasha has made sure to pick up a wide variety of gifts for her daughter.

So far, she has bought pyjamas, a trampoline, a climbing frame, dress-up costumes, dolls, LEGO, Mr Potato Head game, clothing, Bluey figurines and books.

The doting mum reckons she's so far spent around $1400 (roughly £800) – and plans to spend more.

And there's no limit on how much she'll spend either, as she “doesn’t put a budget on Christmas”.

“We always pay for everything upfront though. We never use credit cards or AfterPay options,” she adds.

“We always have money available. We spread out the cost throughout the year and buy when we see things cheap/on sale rather than having a big hit at Christmas.”

As long as you are able to afford what you are buying, sure, go ahead!

When it comes to her son’s presents, A’leasha says that she has spent significantly less.

She has only bought around $200 (£110) worth of gifts as she feels like the newborn will be too little to realise that it’s Christmas anyway.

But says when he's older she'll "try to be more ‘even’ with how much we spend on each child."

This year, she's bought him some bath toys, soft blocks, clothing, rattles, baby toys and a Jumperoo, and will be able to use his sister's trampoline and climbing frame "when he is old enough."

The Aussie mum knows that some people judge her for buying so much for Christmas, but she doesn't care and says it's all about circumstance.

“If you can do it within your means, then I don’t see an issue with any amount,” she says.

“But people shouldn’t have to go into debt over this one day of the year.

“As long as you are able to afford what you are buying, sure, go ahead!

“Just don’t brag to others how much you have spent or bought who cannot afford as much as you.”

This article was originally published on Kidspot and is reproduced here with permission

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