Mum shows off incredible Harry Potter-themed bedroom she made her daughter – and it even has a lifesize Hagrid

IF you were upset that you didn’t get your letter for Hogwarts, perhaps you should consider bringing the magical world to you. 

A mum has revealed how she made a Harry Potter-themed bedroom for her daughter – and it even came with a lifesize Hagrid. 

The spellbinding room is decorated to look like the wizarding school, with bookcase wallpaper and the Hogwarts house crests dangling from the ceiling. 

There is even a display of the flying letters that were sent to Harry inviting him to go to learn magic at the school. 

On the bed is a Harry Potter duvet set, and the cabinets have been covered with the wizarding newspaper, The Daily Prophet. 

Taking to the Facebook group DIY on a Budget UK, the talented mum wrote: “I have finally finished my daughters Harry Potter bedroom and she loves it managed to get her some life size cut outs to.”

The incredible room also includes large cardboard figures of Harry Potter, Hagrid and Dobby the House Elf. 

Many people were highly impressed with the DIY transformation, which included a chess board and Hogwarts Express sign. 

One Potter fan wrote: “That’s sooooo cooool.”

Another added: “Omg it’s awesome I would never want to leave.”

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