Mum shares space-saving hack to store mince in the freezer & it makes it cook quicker too

A MUM has shared her space-saving freezer hack to store mince – and she claims it saves on cooking time too.

She shared a clip to TikTok showing herself unpacking her shopping, and rather than chucking a packet of mince straight in the freezer she gets a few sandwich bags. 

She divides the meat in half and pops it in two bags, then smoothes it down until it’s flat. 

Both bags of meat now take up a tiny amount of space, and she easily slots them into her freezer. 

And she claims her nifty storage solution means the mince defrosts quicker too – cutting down on your overall cooking time.

She captioned her tutorial: “750g pack of mince halved and frozen saves time and space. 

“Saves so much freezer room defrosts in 1/2 the time like a hr enjoy.”

Thousands of people have watched and commented on the clip, branding her a ‘genius’. 

One person said: “Love this I’m doing this ASAP.”

Another wrote: “Mind blown.”

A third commented: “What the actual how have I thought of this lol.”

Someone else thought: “Love this I’m doing this from now on.” 

While this person added: “Freaking genius.” 

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