Mum shares parenting hack to get kids to behave ahead of Christmas after changing her mate’s name to Santa in her phone

ELF on the Shelf is a great way to encourage children to behave well, reporting back to Santa on whether kids should go on the "naughty" or "nice" list.

But it's sometimes handy for parents to have another bargaining tool up their sleeves – and one mum recently shared a great idea.

She posted a quote perfect for this time of year, which suggests renaming one of your friends in the contacts of your phone to 'Santa' – and then asking them to periodically send you texts to show to your kids.

As all children want Christmas presents, they certainly don't want Santa to hear that they've been naughty in the run up to Christmas Day.

Writing on Family Lockdown Tips and Ideas, the mum shared the quote with the caption, "Best idea yet."

Many parents liked the post and commented underneath, tagging others they thought needed to see the "parenting win" for those days when special measures are needed.

One parent said, "My fellow childminder was on my phone as the Easter bunny for years!"

"Also use this with the tooth fairy too if they ever “forget” to collect the tooth", a second commented.

Some mentioned the Message from Santa app, which allows parents to enter details like kids' names, ages and hobbies – and then request a call or personalised text from Santa.

The app is free, and Santa gets back to you instantly.

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