Mum shares massive chore list for her kids including ‘consequences’ if they misbehave but some reckon she’s gone TOO far

A MUM has has given her kids a massive list of chores to do each week to get them pitching in more, with a list of ‘consequences’ if they misbehave. 

The mum-of-three was sick of nagging her kids to help out around the house, so she wrote down what's expected of them and taped it to the fridge. 

The mum, whose kids are 11, nine and three, shared a snap of the mammoth list of chores to Facebook group Tips to organize & declutter home and life.

She wrote: “For those of you who saw my comment last night, I had a family meeting today after I wrote everything out for all family members. 

“My list and dad’s list is not limited to just what is on the page. 

“The kids were upset this morning after church when we met until they heard the rewards system.”

For the 11-year-old, their chores include unloading the dishwasher, putting clothes in the laundry hamper, sweeping the kitchen floor and taking the bins out, along with specific jobs each week. 

Their bedtime is at 8.30pm, but before they can turn off the lights they have to clean their room and do 10 minutes of reading. 

The nine-year-old has a similar schedule, although she needs to be in bed an hour earlier. 

Her chores also include taking the bins out, tidying the living room, and sorting out the dishes, while the three-year-old has been tasked with picking up their toys and helping out with the laundry. 

And to keep things fair, the mum also laid out the chores she and her husband will do each week, including dusting, sweeping, mopping and cleaning, although she pointed out the list isn’t exhaustive. 

But if the kids misbehave, the mum also drew up a list of ‘consequences’, which primarily includes banning screen time. 

She wrote down: “Fortnite – play only on Saturdays from 9-11. Failure to complete chores = loss of Fortnite time. 

“No YouTube. No music – removal of CD players and CDs. 

“Early bedtime. Loss of television time. Loss of outdoor play time.”

The mum admitted her kids were ‘upset’ with the chores, and punishments, although they cheered up a bit when they realised there were rewards too. 

The rewards, given for ‘an outstanding job during the week’, include: “Extra video game time & TV time.

“Later bedtime on weekends. Extra outside playtime. 

“Dinner with family somewhere special.

“Colouring time using mom’s special colouring pencils. 

“Piece of candy or sweet treat. Starbucks or old Dutch ice cream.” 

Some people praised the mum for trying out a new system, but reckoned the kids might get overwhelmed. 

Commenting online, one person said: “I think teachers recommend 20 minutes. Many people are doing online school, she may not overwhelm kids with too much.”

Another wrote: “Stick with it… it may get worse before it gets better.

“Consequences good and bad need to be consistent.”

A third thought: “My only suggestion would to not use outside play as a reward or consequence (especially if they are virtual learners). Kids need exercise and movement and limiting this can have a big emotional impact.”

While this mum added: “Be consistent.”

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