Mum reveals simple trick for getting your baby to give up their dummy for good – and all you’ll need is some scissors

A MUM has revealed a simple yet genius trick for getting your baby to give up its dummy for good – and you only need a pair of scissors. 

TikTok user @chikidsfeeding uploaded a video with the caption: “A simple strategy to stop your baby’s pacifier habit!”

The mum, whose bio says she is a “Feeding Specialist”, said: “Having trouble getting rid of that pesky pacifier? Here’s a trick.

“Take sharp scissors and snip the top.”

She showed how over time you should clip the gummy bit down further and further until a tiny stub is left.

The mum explained: “Baby won’t find it as satisfying when there is a hole in the top.

“Mums and dad, you can do this.”

Her TikTok video has clearly piqued the interest of other parents and has racked up over 4.2million views.

One person wrote: “Worked for us.”

Another added: “My mom just grabbed mine and threw it out the window”, to which the mum replied: “That works too.”

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