Mum reveals easy way she HALVES her Christmas food shop at Tesco thanks to a nifty trick

CHRISTMAS is the most wonderful time of the year – but there's no doubt that for most of us it's also the most expensive time of the year.

However, if you're a savvy shopper like this mum, you can halve your food shop at Tesco and that's all thanks to one trick.

Sophie Hyden shared her secret on the Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK group and people are going crazy over how easy it is.

According to her, if you want to start saving money on groceries you will first need to sign up for the Tesco clubcard – if you don't have one, this won't work.

Once done, sign into your account on your browser – Sophie explained it can't be done on the app.


On your account you should be able to find on the Tesco's voucher scheme – and from then onwards you're a click away from spending less.

''Then change it to 'Christmas saver', '' she wrote.

''And save, all done!''

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She explained: 'Your vouchers are sent out and uploaded to the app in November and then you'll automatically start collecting to the following year.

''You never know what your circumstance will be any year at Christmas, '' she said, ''And having this may ease some families worries about food/presents.''

There were over 3 thousand fellow shoppers praising the tip, with one writing: ''We do this, always helps with the guilt of wanting to buy the little extras and social chocolates at Christmas.

''Now two of us are buying petrol now in the family we get quite a few points.''

''I do this!'' shared another reader.

''I save all year for Xmas, I've already clocked up £8.50 towards next Xmas.

''Helps so much with the Xmas bits and pieces such as tubs of chocolate fillings.''

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