Mum praised for 'fantastic parenting' over way she dealt with son's bullying

WHEN it comes to disciplining kids when they are naughty, many parents have different ideas over which method is best. 

However, a mum has been praised for her “fantastic parenting” and the way she dealt with her 10-year-old son who was caught picking on another pupil. 

The mum-of-six decided that the best way for son to understand what he had done was to help him understand how he would feel if it was the other way round. 

The boy had cut the sleeves of a classmate’s coat using scissors, leaving it ruined.

The mum was so angry that she decided her son's punishment would be to give the boy the brand new coat he was set to receive for Christmas. 

She said: "I am so angry and disappointed in him, it is disgusting what he has done and I want to make it very clear to him that it is not acceptable.

"There is no way it was an accident.

"We do not condone bullying in any way, and he will learn the hard way."

The mum posted about the incident in a community Facebook group, in order to track down the parents of the victim.

This is the first bullying incident the mum has been made aware of, and her son's school assured her it had been dealt with. 

However, the mum said she was keen to go the extra mile and apologise to the boy’s parents. 

She said: "Myself and [my son's] dad have discussed that you never know somebody's situation. That family could have scrimped and scraped to buy that coat.

"He's going to be really upset, but it will send the message that you do not and cannot treat people like that."

She added that if her son ever does anything like it again, he will be handing over his PlayStation. 

Many people were impressed with her approach, with one saying: "Brilliant attitude, as opposed to 'my little Johnny can do no wrong' or variations of that."

Another added: "That is how a responsible parent should react, well done. It is a shame there aren't more parents like you."

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