Mum-of-22 Sue Radford & husband Noel show clever way they teach their kids the value of money, but it doesn’t go to plan | The Sun

MUM-OF-22 Sue Radford has revealed what happened when she left her teens in charge of the family's weekly shop…with a £300 budget.

Spoiler alert – it ended in complete disaster!

The busy mum and husband Noel took to TikTok and posted a short clip from their show 22 Kids and Counting.

In the video, they can be seen explaining how they've decided to give the kid's the responsibility of buying the week's food on budget to teach them a lesson about controlling their cupboards.

"They think it's a bit of fun to go shopping but they don't realise that at the same time they're learning that you can't just shove everything in the trolley," Noel explains.

Moments later, the teens arrive at the supermarket.


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They quickly decide on the meal plan, but there's some confusion about what ingredients to get.

Arguing over whether to put onions or peas in a shepherd's pie, Ellie says: "We're all disagreeing on what to put in the food."

Casper then quips: "I'm thinking this isn't going to end up very well."

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With a giant family to feed, it's important the teens make the right decisions about quantity, but it soon becomes clear that adding up is not their strong point.

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As they check how much of their budget they've spent and learn they're up to £247 altogether, the penny drops – they've only got five days' worth of meals.

Adding the final two meals into the trolley, any control they had goes out of the window when Casper reaches the snack aisle.

But things go from bad to worse when they finally get to the checkout – only to realise Josh has left the money behind on the kitchen counter.

So, after two hours of hard worth, there's absolutely nothing to show for it!

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