Mrs Hinch's spaghetti hoop pie is branded 'chaotic slop' by fans – but Amanda Holden calls it ‘genius’

SHE’S earned a reputation as a domestic goddess with her cleaning skills, but Mrs Hinch left fans horrified when it came to her cooking.

The cleaning guru, real name Sophie Hinchliffe, recently shared her recipe for “spaghetti hoop pie” claiming it’s the “quickest pie ever.”

However, fans have branded the concoction a “national disgrace” -and it even left Amanda Holden reeling.

Sharing the recipe on her Instagram the cleanfluencer explains that you will need some spaghetti hoops, spinach, cheese, mashed potatoes and two fried eggs.

She begins by tipping some of the hoops into the base of an oven-proof dish followed by cheese and spinach and then repeating the process.

She finishes by topping the mixture with mashed potato, the two fried eggs and additional cheese before “popping in the oven.”

While Mrs Hinch claims that her one-year-old son Ronnie loved the dish, fans were less than impressed by the “chaotic slop” after it was shared on Twitter.

One tweeted: “Nobody of any age needs to consume this bowl of nonsense.”

“A national disgrace” added another, while a third wrote, “God have mercy on my soul.”

The dish even caught the attention of Amanda Holden who discussed it with Mrs Hinch herself on Heart radio today.

Jamie Theakston was quick to ask about the recipe with Amanda joking, “even I could make that.”

Defending the dish, Sophie said: "You know what? The funny thing is I'm actually not a good cook, I'm being honest.

“I'm really trying to learn and find recipes and share recipes from other people to help them boost their pages.

“I come across the little pie recipe online and I've got to try that. I love mash, spaghetti and eggs. Why don't I chuck them all in a little pot?"

She later admitted it looked a “bit shocking” but Amanda disagreed adding, “It's a genius dinner. I might do that today.”

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