Mrs Hinch shows off Ronnie’s amazing new mud kitchen and her eBay bathroom bargains – with prices from just £6.99

MRS Hinch has shown off her latest shopping haul – including eBay bargains and a mud kitchen for Ronnie.

The cleanfluencer, who has a one-year-old son, loves eBay for home decor – and picked her up her latest bits from just £6.99.

Writing on her Instagram stories yesterday, Sophie Hinchliffe showed off her packages before going into more detail.

Revealing her black shower baskets, she said: "So my eBayer shelves are up in the shower.

"I've just stuck them on. I'm actually loving them! The stickers are very strong but not exactly pretty. But the bottles, to be fair, cover them anyway.

"These Ikea plants that I have all over the house, the little black pots are a perfect size to just sit in the corner and cover that.

"And obviously they're waterproof so it's fine. POSH shelves! I love 'em! These are the ones I bought guys. £6.99 each! Hope that helps."

Although she shared a screenshot from the page, Sophie said she wasn't including a swipe up link – after sellers hiked their prices over Hinch endorsements.

She said: "Sorry I haven't included a swipe up link but the sellers seem to up the price when I do, so I think it's best I screen shot and you can search eBay that way."

Sophie later replaced a white wall shelf with a black one, to tie in with the look.

She added: "Good old eBay. It's a love/hate relationship.

"Jamie put the shelf up! And I think it's brought it together nicely. eBayer success. I hope you all have a lovely evening guys xxx".

This morning, Mrs Hinch updated her fans yet again, revealing she'd bought Ronnie his very own mud kitchen for the garden – personalised with a "Ronnie's kitchen" sign.

She said: "So yesterday we had a very special delivery. Since visiting the farms I noticed Ronnie LOVED the mud kitchens.

"So I found a small business that makes them and bought one for him.

"I filled it with blended Cheerios for now but as he gets a little older I can't wait to get the mud in there – and make mud pies.

"You can choose any colour. And what I love is they grow the kitchen so you can make the kitchen higher as it comes with extra wooden feet.

"So Chef Ronnie is in action and I can't wait for him to grow with it over the years.

"I wanted to share this with you all because Ronnie absolutely loves it guys and I think it's just beautiful."

Sophie bought the toy from Lovely Little Mud Kitchens and Ronnie's wooden utensils from Haywood Engraving.

She also asked for 'edible mud' suggestions – as kids as young as Ronnie would be likely to eat the mud if they were given it.

The mud kitchens cost £175 – and you can buy one here.

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