Mrs Hinch fans are sharing the 7p hack to dry clothes without using your tumble dryer – & it couldn’t be easier | The Sun

GETTING your clothes to dry during the colder months can take days and become costly.

Luckily Mrs Hinch cleaning fans have revealed a cheaper and quicker alternative to using your tumble dryer.

While tumble dryers are seen as the fastest way to dry your clothes, they can be costly.

The average cost of a cycle is £1.46 and £172.76 each year, with prices bound to go up as energy costs rise.

But Mrs Hinch cleaning enthusiasts have found a way to dry a clothes horse of clothes for as little as 7p, reports the Express.

Ever since cleaning sensation Mrs Hinch, otherwise known as Sophie Hinchliffe, took to Instagram, cleaning tips and tricks have become more and more popular.


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There’s even Facebook groups where cleaning fanatics share their hacks for getting their homes and clothes spotless.

And one user asked for help, writing: "Hiya just thinking of prices going up again.

“I normally use the dryer a lot over winter but may have to reassess. So I'm looking at clothes airers. What would you recommend? Thanks."

The post was inundated with hundreds of comments from fellow cleaning fans offering their advice.

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Mrs Hinch fans rave about 'cheap' way to dry clothes without a tumble dryer

Plenty of people suggested using a dehumidifier when drying your clothes on an airer.

One wrote: "We bought an energy-efficient dehumidifier last winter, placed in a spare bedroom with two airers, window and door closed, and the clothes and even towels dry overnight.

“Our tumble dryer is around 64p for an hour, but the dehumidifier is 45p for 10 hours.

“No clothes hanging around for days waiting to dry, and no condensation or mould either from wet clothing.”

Another recommended: "Dehumidifiers. I have two, one upstairs and one downstairs. Put clothes on prop and it dries quickly.

“When both are on, it costs about 7p per hour. The only thing I use my tumble dryer for is bedding (two doubles and three singles) as so expensive to run, but these things don't fit my props.”

A third agreed: "I use an airer but also bought a small dehumidifier. It works brilliantly and I am sure the clothes dry quicker and no mould on the walls either.

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“The wet has to go somewhere so best it's collected in a dehumidifier.”

Although dehumidifiers can be pricey, they are cheaper to run than a tumble dryer and can also help shift mould and dampness throughout the house in the winter months.

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