Meghan and Harry latest – Piers Morgan RAGES at Prince for 'selling soul' to Netflix despite The Crown's 'unfair' plots

PIERS Morgan has raged about Prince Harry "selling his soul" to Netflix despite the streaming giant's "unfair" royal storylines in The Crown.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle signed a £78 million deal to be involved in various Netflix series earlier this year, despite fleeing the UK and abandoning royal duties citing concerns over their privacy.

But the pair have been urged to walk away from the deal after the new season of Netflix's royal drama The Crown was widely criticised for its scandalous portrayal of Harry's parents, Prince Charles and Princess Diana.

Piers Morgan has now blasted Harry, asking in his MailOnline column "How can hypocrite Harry complain about how the press treated his mother but sell his soul for millions to Netflix sharks who've portrayed her as a shallow, vomiting lunatic and his father as a bullying, bed-hopping monster?"

The GMB host admitted enjoying The Crown's sensational storylines but questioned how Harry could be happy working with an organisation that cashed-in by portraying his parents "in an incredibly unflattering light."

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    Prince Harry and Meghan Markle need to delve into “the royal family’s other most famous exiles, the Duke and Duchess of Windsor,” a royal expert recommends.

    Daniela Elser writes that if there is one lesson that the Sussexes could learn from them, it's that “post-royal life, one of the greatest dangers is who one associates with”.

    Responding to the couple's massive Netflix deal, announced months before The Crown's brutal depiction of Harry's mum and dad, Elser warns of the ramifications: “a peeved palace, a couple of (allegedly) p***ed off princes and a whole lot of questionable publicity”.

    She adds on “The Windsors’ penchant for German jaunts and sponging off the largesse of society figures to fund their lifestyle cast a very long shadow over their reputations.

    “There is a certain tragedy that The Crown will finish before it catches up with the tumultuous, historic events leading up to 2020: Imagine what the show’s creative powerhouses could do with such a year of family drama, anger, hurt feelings, and private jet travel!”

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    “Harry and Meghan must have understood the broader implications of choosing to work with Netflix.

    “[It's] a company whose artistic credentials and commercial success are in a significant part down to a long-running show that skewers his family”, warns a royal expert.

    Australia-based Daniela Elser has been writing about the streaming giant's current series of The Crown, which has been blasted for the way in which it depicts Princess Diana's eating disorder and Prince Charles's affair.

    In relation to the Sussexes' own lucrative Netflix deal, “what seems less ambiguous are the consequences their choice will have for their relationship with The Firm.

    “Given the fraught state of affairs, with report after biography after report having covered in extensive, heartbreaking detail the breakdown of Prince William and Harry’s bond, the Netflix deal seems unlikely to do anything but worsen the breach between them.

    “The question that remains to be answered is how much of all this can we put down to a wilful disregard for royal feelings and how much is just down to poor, naive judgment and miscalculations given they are now wholly steering their own PR ship,” Elser adds via

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    One estimate has put the “costs associated with the Sussexes’ new independent life, from assistants to gardeners to travel expenses, at $6 million (£3.3m) annually,” writes royal expert Daniela Elser.

    “No matter what the actual dollar amount, what is clear is that they need to start pulling in some nice, juicy pay cheques to keep the family in organic kale and professional Instagram photographers.

    “However, surely any – scratch that, all – of the other streaming behemoths with deep pockets such as Apple and Disney would have been falling over themselves to throw vast fortunes to be able to boast about having the Duke and Duchess on board and beavering away at making them worthy content,” she adds in her opinion piece for

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    The Sussexes' megawatt Netflix deal “seems unlikely to do anything but worsen the breach” between Princes William and Harry, warns a royal expert.

    “What beggars belief is that the Sussexes have chosen to throw their financial and professional fortunes in with the same company who is monetising his family’s suffering and especially his mother’s anguish,” writes Daniela Elser for Australia-based

    Referring to the painful revelations about the princes' late mum, Princess Diana, on The Crown, Elser adds: “This collision of worlds – of wills and wallets, of royalty and Hollywood, of history and creative license, of money and dignity – has put Harry and Meghan very firmly and very dangerously on a collision course with Buckingham Palace this week.”

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    The couple agreed to give up their royal titles after they made the decision to become independent from the Firm earlier this year.

    And a poll conducted by the Express found that the public did not want the Sussex’s to have them returned as a “goodwill gesture.”

    Out of 8,558 votes, 94 percent (8,011) of people said they would not like the Queen to reinstate them.

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    The Duchess of Sussex admitted during a chat with Fortune that she was being “more cautious” with what she said in the interest of her family.

    While many assumed she was talking about Prince Harry and Archie, royal author Robert Lacey believes she was referring to her relationship with the in-laws.

    Speaking to the Express he said: “I have detected, from Meghan and Harry's side, some signs of softening.

    He continued: “I think there is another dimension to that, that she realises the statements both she and Harry have put out there – about the US election, about racism in Britain – will be perceived as controversial.

    “And perhaps she ought to row back from that and try to stay away from controversy and I think that's a hand outstretched”.

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    Royal experts have slammed Princess Diana’s bulimia scenes in The Crown as being “too graphic”.

    In one distressing scene, actress Emma Corrin, who plays Diana, can be seen putting her fingers down her throat to be sick after an argument with Prince Charles.

    Royal editor Ingrid Seward told the Daily Mail: “It was a significant thing in her young life, so I think it needed to be depicted in some way.

    “It would have been absolutely fine having her bending over the loo, but I don’t think you need quite such detail. I think it perhaps was a bit over embellished.”

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