Me, my husband and our baby got matching ‘tattoos’ – trolls slam us all the time but it’s just art | The Sun

A TATTOO artist has gone viral after sharing a video where she appears to be prepping a baby for his first tattoo. 

Ayala Bratt, 22, has been slammed by fans after sharing the video of her placing a stencil of a sun and moon tattoo on the baby’s right leg. 

The tattoo-enthusiastic, known online as @ayalatattoo1, regularly shares her work with her 143,000 followers.  

The video has exploded on TikTok, gaining more than 759,000 likes and 27.6 million views. 

Speaking to, the tattoo fan wrote: “I think opening kids up to the world of tattoos is completely okay. 

“It's just art and it's a way to express yourself. It's not just something that is related to gangsters.


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“After sharing my videos on TikTok, there was a mixed reaction.  

"A lot of it was hate but some were funny. Also, I've got so many requests from my customers asking if they can now bring their kids and 'tattoo' them – of course, I've said yes.”

In the 12-second reel, Ayala can be seen placing a purple stencil of a tattoo on the right leg of the baby, as the baby’s dad clicks his fingers in front of the baby’s face to distract him. 

In the comments, fans shared their thoughts on the tattoo, with one writing: “My daughter would love a ‘real tattoo’’ like this to match mine! Much better than the at-home version.” 

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Someone else said: “This is what they do to my baby when we get tattooed and it makes her very happy.”

Not all comments were positive, with one writing: “You can't tattoo a child under 18 years old! And worse, he is an infant."

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Another said: “I hope it’s a joke?” 

One fan defended the video, explaining: “People. It’s only a stencil. Calm down.”

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