Make this a November to remember with our saucy sex tips and tricks for every night of the month

We can lose our libido when the clocks go back as we don’t receive enough natural sunlight to maintain levels of vitamin D, leaving us sluggish and lethargic. Our natural urge is to snuggle rather than seduce.

But sexpert Kate Taylor believes the start of a chilly new month is a great time to forget getting cosy with your lover… and instead get down and dirty.

Here she gives NIKKI WATKINS a different sex trick you can try for every day in Noooohvember.

November 1 — Netflix and thrill

Swap cosy autumnal viewing for sexier shows such as The Bisexual (Channel 4) or Newness (Netflix).

Let the drama open up a frank chat about how far you would both really like to go in the bedroom.

November 2 — Park and ride

With heated, reclining seats, a car can be your sexiest hook-up pad. Don’t feel you have to break public decency laws – your own garage makes a lusty lock-up.

Bring your sexiest playlist, and get down and dirty on your own back seat.

November 3 — Play dress-up

Raid your dressing-up box and add some realism to your naughtiest fantasies.

Wigs, gloves and masks can all turn a weekday session into a Hollywood love scene.

November 4 — Movember

Encourage your man to sign up for the Movember charity moustache-growing challenge.

Facial hair creates a road map of your man’s most erogenous zones, as the natural line where his beard ends is full of extra tingly nerve endings. Kiss here – you’ll curl his whiskers.

November 5 — Put the sparkler back

Wave sparklers at each other to spell out your filthiest fantasies – whoever guesses correctly gets their wish.

It can be as simple as indicating the part of your body you would like pleasured.

November 6 — Nipple-tastic

Clothes pegs make a great, inexpensive stand-in for nipple clamps.

If your own nipples are too sensitive, try the pegs on his — men typically have tougher nips that can be extremely turned on by strong stimulation.

November 7 — Back for good

Sexual positions that increase blood flow to your head have the power to put the MAX back into your climax.

While making love, sit astride your partner’s lap on the sofa then hold hands as you slowly lean backwards. He gets an amazing view of your body, and you get an amazing head rush.

November 8 — Bedroom playlist

If the only sounds accompanying your sex sessions are bed springs squeaking, you need a sex playlist.

Start with a slow song such as All Of Me by John Legend for the kissing stage, then Beyonce’s Naughty Girl if you fancy a striptease.

For the love-making, mix fast and slow songs to keep you both on the boil.

November 9 — Public viewing

Watching scary films raises your adrenaline and increases your attraction and libido.

So book a late-night screening of new film Halloween.

November 10 — Voice activated

Record an X-rated message, and slip it into his inbox.

Ask him to return the aural favour; women are especially aroused by voices and sounds, so his sweet nothings could be your everything.

November 11 — Panty blinder

Capitalise on shops’ late Christmas opening hours by heading to a department store after work and choosing underwear for each other.

Then try to seduce each other as soon as you get home.

November 12 — Edge of glory

Try “edging” – getting close to orgasm, then stopping and taking a break. You can try it many times until you finally orgasm.

Take a five-minute pause and start again. The finale can be more powerful than any you’ve felt before.

November 13 — Period drama

A visit from Aunt Flo doesn’t mean sex is off the table. In fact, the first two days of your period are a great time to get lusty, due to a natural boost in hormones oestrogen, testosterone and oxytocin.

Every part of your body is extra-sensitive around this time of the month, so indulge your own desires with a naughty toy, or rub yourself up the right way while you’re having sex.

November 14 — Break free

While you’re watching TV, use 90-second ad breaks to kiss, fondle and tease your man mercilessly. When the show starts again, stop.

Build up the tension and enjoy a super-powerful ­climax later.

November 15 — Vino loca

Drinking two glasses of red wine a night boosts men’s testosterone which increases sex drive, and improves the flow of blood to women’s erogenous zones.

Supercharge the effect with some seasonal mulled wine by simmering red wine with cinnamon and ginger – both spices have been proven to boost your libido.

November 16 — Yes you web cam

Star in your own naughty movie by Skyping your fella for some X-rated viewing.

Webcam naughtiness is great when you’re apart, but you can also surprise him from the bedroom while he’s downstairs watching TV.

November 17 — Fun first

If your social life is picking up with Christmas parties, don’t let your sex life take a back seat. Have sex before you go out.

The rush to fit it your “Ooh” before your Uber will raise your heartbeat and adrenalin, maximising your ­chances of orgasm.

November 18 — Oil abroad

Warming oils create a pleasurable sensation when it’s cold out, so give your partner a massage to melt his heart and make sure you get one back.

The tingling sensation boosts your libido and the essential oil ylang ylang – available everywhere, from Amazon to Holland & Barrett – is known for its ­aphrodisiac properties.

November 19 — Let the sunshine in

Having sex in the winter with the blinds open and the sun streaming in can change your body’s chemistry.

Testosterone levels may be lower in the winter, but a little sunlight can help to invigorate your libido and make you more up for sex.

November 20 — Minty fresh

Swap your cosy night-time drink for a cup of peppermint tea.

You can use it for creative foreplay, with your tingly lips, tongue and breath.

November 21 — Socks appeal

Don’t laugh at your man if he keeps his socks on – instead, copy him.

Women who wear socks during sex are 30 per cent more likely to orgasm than those with cold feet.

November 22 — Give thanks

Copy the American tradition of a Thanksgiving dinner. Eating high-protein foods such as turkey raises your brain’s level of the neurotransmitter serotonin, the feel-good chemical that can increase arousal.

To help your bod to release the serotonin, you can follow up the protein with some mood-boosting carbohydrates, such as roast potatoes.

November 23 — Get cold before getting steamy

One of the best ways to get hot and bothered with your partner is to both go out into the cold first.

When you come inside, strip off and get raunchy, and you’ll feel much cosier than you have felt for ages as your risen body temperature will make the room feel warmer.

November 24 — Winterise your sex positions

When it’s cold outside, sex begs for positions that generate more body heat. Use ones that force you to touch and make skin contact.

Try missionary, as the chest-to-chest contact is great for bonding – plus its limited movement means the duvet won’t slide onto the floor.

November 25 — Get in on the act

Acting out each other’s fantasies is an easy way to inject some more fun into your love life, but it also provides you with a safe space to explore more secret desires.

Start light, acting out a very simple scenario. When you have built up some confidence, take turns to bring your deepest lusts to life.

November 26 — Change things up in the bedroom

If sex has got boring, try a different position – for the bedroom furniture. The brain finds change exciting.

Turning your bed around, or even having sex on the floor on a mountain of blankets can shake off the feeling that intimacy is just a habit – and make it feel appealing and new.

November 27 — Top of the morning

The urge to stay in bed can be strong at this time of year with those dark mornings – so give in to it.

Research shows morning sex can make you more upbeat for the rest of the day and even boost your immune system.

November 28 — Put on the red light

Exposure to red light can give you an energy boost to put your sex life back on track.

Change the bulbs in your bedroom and get frisky with the lights on, in the ­flattering hue.

November 29 — Winner stays on

Competition boosts adrenalin and testosterone. Try some friendly challenges with your man.

Start a pillow fight or bet him he can’t kiss you in 20 different ways – you’ll soon forget to care who won.

November 30 — Christmas comes early

Start putting together a sexy advent bedroom calendar for your partner. Wrap up treats such as inexpensive lubes, eye masks and underwear that you can enjoy together.

A daily sexy treat in December is sure to put you on your partner’s naughty-but-nice list.

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