Kids share groan-inducing photos of the best ‘dad jokes’, including a prankster who held up a ‘say no’ sign during his daughter’s proposal

These comical tweets reveal some of the daft pranks fun-loving fathers have pulled on their families.

One funny tweet reveals the dad who made a PowerPoint presentation on why his son shouldn’t have sex.

Meanwhile, a daughter admitted she thought she’d been meowing at her cat in the other room for an hour… but it turned out to be her father.

And another proud dad made an impulse buy of a bee-keeping outfit from Amazon, to the disbelief of his child.

Here are some of the laugh-out-loud moments that have helped dads to become social media stars…

'I object'

Feline soppy

Un-bee-lievable purchase

Selective hearing

Young at heart

Trying to fit in

Gross or genius?

Huge mistake

Nailed it

Facing the facts

Office banter

Not even mad

Making a meal out of it

Proud pa

Needing a helping hand

Slice of the action

It’s official kids, dad jokes are back in fashion, here’s 10 of the worst (sorry, we mean best).

If your thought your old man was bad, check out these pics of dads who have taken cheesy gags to all new extremes.

And these are the most bizarre names parents have given their kids… including Nitorious-Shyne, V, Jedi, L and Daenerys.

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