Kate Middleton is 'virtuous', Harry 'idealistic' & Meghan a 'social climber' – the Royal family's handwriting unpacked

EVER wondered what your handwriting says about you? Turns out the way you write can be a real insight into your personality.

So much so, that handwriting expert Tracey Trussell – founder of Handright and a graphologist who specialises in handwriting analysis -has given her verdict when it comes to the Royal family.

She's revealed exactly what the pen says about the Palace, from The Queen being a "traditionalist" to Prince Harry being a "freedom-seeker" and Kate Middleton being filled with "compassion" and "enthusiasm".

Find out what each Royal's handwriting really says about them below.

The Queen

Deciphering a note from 2002 where The Queen had signed her name and the date, Tracey claims her handwriting reveals she is "majestic, stoical and dignified".

It also apparently shows that The Queen is not only "fair-minded", but "shrewd and inspiring" as well as a "traditionalist".

Tracey adds: "[The Queen] is committed to maintaining high standards, principles and ideals."

Kate Middleton

The Duchess of Cambridge is as elegant with her handwriting as she is her fashion choices and proved so while writing down her favourite childhood memory – "boulder hopping in the Lake District".

Tracey says Kate's writing shows she is "virtuous, sensible and reliable, compassionate, enthusiastic, expressive and productive."

Prince William

William's scrawl might be with less grace, but according to Tracey it hints to some solid characteristics, including being "self-reliant and experiential".

From a past note William had penned for Remembrance Day and left on a wreath of poppies, Tracey says his writing shows that the Royal is "understated and unpretentious" as well as "thoughtful, practical and devoted".

Prince Harry

While Harry's handwriting might look somewhat similar to his older brother, what it says about him couldn't be more different.

Tracey reveals that Harry's writing suggests that he is a "spontaneous idealist" and a "freedom-seeker".

Other traits include "versatile, fun-loving, diffident and enigmatic".

Meghan Markle

Looking at Meghan's handwriting, Tracey claims that it shows the Duchess of Sussex, who is pregnant with her and Harry's second child, is both "romantic and reactionary".

While it hints at Meghan potentially coming across "intransigent and contrived", Tracey claims Meghan's elegant scrawl suggests she is also a "social climber".

Princess Eugenie

For Princess Eugenie her pen work is said to reveal qualities in her that are "philanthropic" and "entrepreneurial".

Appreciative of art and beauty her handwriting shows a "cultured aesthete", with Tracey adding that it shows more traits, including "charming, gentle. personable, generous and artistic."

Camilla Parker Bowles

Looking at Camilla's handwriting, it's not too far a cry away from that of The Queen's and Tracey suggests it shows that Prince Charles' wife is a "woman-of-the-world".

Taking a look at her signature she signed in 2011 at The Championships, Tracey claims it signifies the Duchess of Cornwall is a "discerning humanitarian and a magnanimous realist."

Tracey says of Camilla's writing: "[It shows she is] assertive, yet kind, supportive, warm and conciliatory."

Other characteristics it points to suggest Camilla is also "fun-loving and witty", as well as "down-to-earth".

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