Julia Fox's boob-baring style is 'unfashionable' but meant to grab attention & can veer into 'desperate,' says expert | The Sun

HOLLYWOOD stars are lapping up fashion's latest craze and working red carpets in see-through dresses that bare their breasts and nipples.

But a fashion psychologist has said Julia Fox's display at the Cannes Film Festival was "too provocative" and downright "unfashionable" — and a clear bid for attention.

On May 21, Julia Fox rocked up at the Cannes Film Festival in France wearing a risque outfit and posed almost topless on the red carpet.

Her braless get-up included a see-through breastplate that was shaped like melting ice.

She had teamed her top with metallic nipple covers and wore a huge layered white skirt that cascaded to the floor.

Commenting on the outfit, fashion psychologist Professor Carolyn Mair Ph.D. told The U.S. Sun: “You don't dress like that if you don't want to get attention.

“Clearly the evidence shows that showing your breasts and looking sexy is going to get attention, particularly from the male gaze.

“For an actor in the competitive world of Hollywood, this kind of dressing is also going to get plenty of press coverage.

“Julia needs to feel wanted, to be validated, and maybe even to be loved."

While the top is “interesting and designed to show her breasts," Mair wonders if the skirt may have been designed to look like a dress that has been pulled down to the waist.

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“The big impact comes from the top and her breasts, much more than the skirt.

“Regardless, Julia's style is not fashion-forward and it is not fashionable.

“It is showing everything. While this is sexual, the Cannes dress would capture most people’s gaze because it's striking."

The Italian American model continued in a similar fashion at The Idol premiere bash on May 22, donning a totally see-through dress that appeared to be made of PVC.

Though there were white pompoms placed down the middle, they covered nothing — her nipples were once again visible, as was her white underwear.

Regarding that fashion choice, Professor Mair said: “The look is innovative and creative even if it is a take on a clown's outfit with the pompoms."

This isn't the first time the 33-year-old actress took a chance at a celeb-packed event where the world’s eyes were on her.

At Paris Fashion Week in March, Julia wore a sheer dress that exposed her nipples. The look also featured a cutout at her stomach.

Of her style choices, in 2022 Julia told People magazine: "Sometimes the paparazzi get me, and I look like s**t, you know? If they’re gonna get me, I might as well make the best of it."

The model continued: "I feel like I’m doing a service. I’m providing a service,” she said, before adding: “Yeah, a visual service.”

Professor Mair, though, said that Julia's looks — including ones that she wears during the day away from the red carpet — can be "a little bit desperate.”

“Julia's look does vary but a lot of them are showing off her body," she said.

“Julia wears statement pieces that are meant to be attention-grabbing but also provocative.

“There's no mystique in Julia’s daywear and it's obvious. Julia must want attention and publicity.

"The styles give her the attention she craves to remain in the public eye.

"If you want to be in the news as much as other people, then you have to do more than they're doing."

Julia wore another head-turning outfit at a Paris Fashion Week show on March 1, arriving in an entirely sheer black dress that bared her nipples.

Professor Mair noted that the leather top she added was cut to the height of her breast — and that was intentional.

"This is to show off her breasts and attract attention to them," she said.

“It has also got the cut-out of her tummy button, which is on purpose."

Julia's style wasn't always so avant-garde or body-baring.

In 2019, the mom of one addended the Uncut Gems premiere in a more subdued all-black look.

But toward the end of 2021, she captured the attention of rapper Kanye West in the wake of his split with Kim Kardashian.

Although their romance was short-lived, the music producer reportedly began to shape some of Julia's looks.

Her fashion choices underwent a transformation that included plenty of risky styles — not unlike Kanye's new wife Bianca Censori, who has been making her own breast-forward fashion statements.

While the former dominatrix has become one of Hollywood’s biggest red-carpet risk-takers, Julia’s statement pieces extend to her daywear.

In May 2022, she wore an Alexander Wang underwear set when she went out on a grocery run in Los Angeles.

Julia paired it with an oversized denim jacket, knee-high denim boots, and a jeans bag.

On another occasion, she wore a pair of jeans that had been chopped into an ultra-low-rise cut — with the waistband of the jeans being repurposed as a teeny bandeau top.

Our expert thought Julia's style choices are too obvious.

“It is unnecessary to go shopping with all your underwear showing," said Professor Mair.

“It would be understandable when girls and women walk about in bikinis and swimwear when they live by the beach, but not going shopping."

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Ultimately, Mair said she thinks Julia "wants to be wanted by people who help her career."

"And perhaps she's looking for more work and wants to be like other people who get all the coverage because they're showing everything."

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