James Corden’s sister Ruth shares heartbreak at being told she was ‘too old and fat’ to have a baby at 35 by doctor

JAMES Corden’s sister Ruth has revealed her heartbreak over being told she was “too old and fat” to have children.

Ruth, 38, a civil servant, has been married to her husband Matthew, 36, for ten years and the pair are coming to terms with being childless after making the decision to stop trying for a baby a year ago.

As part of National Fertility Awareness Week the younger sister of the comedian has shared her heartbreak over not being able to conceive with Grazia.

She explained that she had become pregnant shortly after her honeymoon in 2013, but wasn’t aware until she had a miscarriage in the early weeks.

Ruth admits this gave her “false confidence” that she would be able to get pregnant easily, spending the next five years tortured by negative pregnancy tests.

After suffering with irregular periods Ruth was diagnosed with PCOS five years later and the couple scheduled an appointment with a fertility doctor in 2017.

Speaking to Grazia, Ruth said: “My hopes were crushed, when the consultant told me bluntly that I was too old at 35 and too fat. The words felt cruel.”

After the crushing news, Ruth and Matthew made the decision to stop trying and use protection last year and she is now undergoing therapy.

She said: “I need to sift through the hurt of the last eight years and work out what my life looks like without kids.

“IVF feels like a cruel lottery and I’m not sure I’m strong enough to gamble my body, my mental health and my marriage.”

The couple purchased a new house and are learning to appreciate a child-free existence.

Ruth is also working on a new podcast with her sister Andrea, you can listen to Finding the Funny with Ruth & Ange here.

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