I’ve figured out the cheapest & easiest way to make the perfect festive table & it helps with the tidying up too | The Sun

HAVE you given much thought to how you will decorate your Christmas dinner table this season?

Are you dreading the clear up afterwards?

This may be just the hack you need.

TheVettelFarm is a crafts and cooking account.

The account user is a mum of three and she shares home orgaisation tips and inspiration videos.

In a recent video the mum of three shared her hack for creating the perfect festive table. 

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Using Christmas wrapping paper instead of a tablecloth.

She said: “Using wrapping paper for your next holiday table cloth.”

In her video she covers her dining table with two layers of table cloth.

To secure it, she tapes the middle and underneath the table.

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Then she adds a red bow on one corner of the table so the table looks like a massive Christmas present.

Then the mum of three goes about setting up her Christmas table as normal laying place mats, plates, napkins and a few other decorations like Christmas ornaments.

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The final look really is something to behold. 

And the best part about this trick is it makes cleaning up way easier.

With a meal as big as a Christmas meal you usually have food falling off plates, dollops of cranberry sauce that have pissed their mark and gravy dripping for where it's being passed.

If you’ve got small kids you’ll know that is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to mess at Christmas. 

But after eating and clearing away plates and cutlery, this wrapping paper can be thrown away without the need to struggle washing it to get rid of difficult stains.

Viewers' had mixed responses to the video, some thinking it was a great idea others believed the wrapping paper would rip too easily.

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One commenter said: “My grandma did this every year thanks for the old memories. I forgot about this tell now love old ways and decorations were the absolute best.”

Another said: “I couldn’t do this, my family will end up ripping it!!”

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