Inside Vogue Williams’ marriage to Brian McFadden that made her feel ‘a little bit sick in my mouth’

BRIAN McFadden’s ears must have been burning this week when his former missus, model Vogue Williams, opened up about her marriage to the former Westlife star, saying it “makes me feel a little bit sick in my mouth” and that she tries to “forget it ever happened”.

Ouch! But unfortunately for Vogue, 34, after a whirlwind meeting – it did happen – with things going sour quickly. And while she might want to forget it, the truth is, it was a case of love at first sight…

The showbiz world had already been stunned when Brian, now 40, had walked away from a car-crash marriage to Kerry Katona in the mid-noughties to date fragrant Aussie singer and all-round good girl Delta Goodrem.

But after their split in 2011, it wasn’t long before the twinkly-eyed lothario made a beeline for fellow Irish star Vogue during an event at Krystle nightclub in Dublin in May that year.

Beauty and the 'idiot'

Vogue was then best known for her good looks and role on Dublin-based reality TV show Fade Street – with Brian the much bigger star.

She later confessed when she first saw him at the bash she thought, “There’s that idiot” but immediately realised they had a lot in common. “We sat and spoke to each other for seven or eight hours… We knew,” she said, adding, “We did hanky panky on the first night we met.”

Meanwhile, the former Westlife singer gushed of the gorgeous model, who was six years his junior, "It was just so right from the beginning, so we knew it would work. Meeting her was a life-changer for me – she's my soulmate.”

A jet-set whirlwind romance

Brian was living Down Under at the time, while he starred as a judge on Australia’s Got Talent. It was a whirlwind romance, with Vogue flying out to live with him three weeks later and the couple announcing their engagement in January 2012 and tying the knot in front of guests like Dannii Minogue in Tuscany in September that year.

Naturally, the pair sold the rights to Hello magazine, and Brian commented,

“This is me getting married for the rest of my life – and a completely different life. I was 18 or 19 when I got married the first time. I was in Westlife. I had no idea what I was doing. It wasn't till I was 30 that I turned into an adult."

Rashly, the bride – who once confessed she “hated being on her own” – tempted fate by spending the night before the wedding with Brian.

Not quite domestic bliss

Despite the pair embracing a high-profile showbiz lifestyle together over in Australia – with Vogue performing on Dancing With the Stars – behind the scenes things were a little bit more mundane.

I thought Brian was going to turn into a domestic god. I do 90 per cent of the housework, and he sits there and watches me

Brian had already revealed Vogue had convinced him to do some chores for the first time in his life. But it seems his resolve didn’t last long, and it wasn’t long before Vogue was moaning about her hubby. “Brian is the most unorganised person in the world.

“He actually does nothing – if he was my flatmate I wouldn’t live with him. Me and Brian fight all the time. We fight about the TV remote and stupid things like that. We definitely niggle at each other because we spend so much time together’.

In 2013, the pair returned to the UK, starring on ITV show Stepping Out while Vogue modelled and DJed. But those domestic issues were still niggling.

In a 2014 interview, Vogue confessed, “I thought Brian was going to turn into a domestic god. I do 90 per cent of the housework, and he sits there and watches me, and I’m, like, ‘Do you not feel guilty when you know I’m doing this?’”

There was also the small matter of being a stepmum to Kerry and Brian’s kids, Molly and Lilly Sue, while Kerry’s chaotic life continued to hit the headlines. Vogue called the girls her “little pals” but admitted, “[Kerry] really isn’t part of our lives. I’ve never met her.”

But while Vogue admitted she was “broody” herself, the pair never had children, which may have been another nail in the coffin in their lacklustre relationship.

The damp squib split

In fact, after the split, Vogue, who now has two children, Theo, nearly two, and Gigi, one month, with husband Spencer Matthews, said, “I wanted to have kids for so long and now that’s sort of gone, and I’m like, ‘What do I do now?’”

In the end, the relationship that had started as a “whirlwind” ended as a damp squib.

In June 2015, the pair announced their split, saying, “We will always care  greatly about each other, remain friends and we wish each other all the very best for the future. 

For once, the “friends” bit was actually true – for a while at least.

The pair carried on living together temporarily, and the following year Vogue confessed, “My biggest worry is that his new girlfriend won’t let me be his friend.” They even shared joint custody of their dog, Winston.

However, that post-split “honeymoon” period couldn’t last. Brian met PE teacher Danielle Parkinson in 2016, and Vogue fell in love with Spencer after meeting on the set of The Jump in 2017, even though she had to pull out through injury.

Last year, Brian sniped that “marriage is just a party” and has also revealed that the pair no longer speak.

"It's pointless,” he said. “She's married now and is having a baby."

Well, we’re sure he might have something to say about her latest comments!

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