I’m trolled for saying I have big boobs… large-chested women say I’m stealing their thunder but I know I’m right | The Sun

IF you’ve got big boobs you’ll know the struggle. 

Back pain, poor posture and struggling to find your size in the stores.

Estee has suffered through all of these. 

As a fashion and lifestyle influencer she actually gives advice and tips to women with bigger busts.

But she’s recently confessed she’s been trolled for stating that she has big boobs.

Estee said in a video online : “I think my favourite experience on this app [TikTok] was when a bunch of women tried to convince me that I didn’t have big boobs.”

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She continued: “And the fact that I was saying I have big boobs was actually stealing boob valour from the true big boobies."

Estee then stepped back so her full body could be seen on camera 

She said: “So sorry thank you for your service.”

Estee’s video gained over 987,000 views.

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Viewers were shocked that trolls had tried to tell Estee that she didn't have big boobs.

One commenter said: “This has to be the most chronically online thing I’ve ever heard. I’m astounded.”

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A second commenter said: “I think that actually covers all 3. Gaslight, gakekeep, girlboss.”

Another commenter said: “I feel this I’m an H and people have told me they’re not big lol.”

Estee has addressed the topic in a previous video explaining why she believed she has big boobs.

Estee said: “Never in my life did I think I would have to convince other people that I have big boobs.” 

She said: “Just because my boobs are not as big a s your doesn't not mean they are not big.”

She continued: “Constant back pain, poor posture, trouble doing general exercise, marks left from your bra because it’s so heavy I’ve got it all.”

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Estee also mentioned she had struggled to find her size in standard bra stores and when she did she would often have to settle for basic nude colours.

She said: “I literally qualify for a free breast reduction in Canada.”

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