I'm trolled for being a gypsy – people assume all I do is watch TV but I spend everyday cleaning

EVEN though we follow all the top "cleanfluencers" on social media, that doesn't mean our homes are spotless – in fact, they're usually quite the opposite.

But while we consider it a good day if we've remembered to wipe down the kitchen counters, TikTok star Adele Hartley has given fans insight into her epic daily cleaning regime – and it's bound to give Mrs Hinch a run for her money.

In a viral video which has racked up more than 343,000 "likes", Adele hit back at trolls who assume gypsy women sit at home and watch TV day-in, day-out.

Using a stock image to illustrate her point, Adele wrote: "What people think gypsy girls do everyday vs what they actually do."

The 20-year-old then launched into her daily chores – which starts with making her bed, organising her cushions, adding a plush purple throw and vacuuming the floor.

Next, she filled a jug – containing a cloth and a toothbrush – with boiling water, washing liquid and Zoflora disinfectant.

She then took the damp cloth and used it to clean the wardrobe, side table, skirting boards and plugs in her room.

After this, she used a surface spray to wipe down her doors, radiators and blinds.

Getting onto the heavy-duty stuff next, Adele then used a power jet to spray her window sills and got in the awkward nooks and crannies with a round cotton bud.

Adele also buffed Cif's cream cleaner into her window sills with a toothbrush and finished off by giving the glass a thorough scrub.

What's more, Adele said her dad mostly works in just one area which is why the family have been living in a house for the past three years as opposed to a caravan.

Although fans questioned why Adele would need such an extensive list of chores, she insists a thorough clean is something she has to do daily to keep the house tidy.

"If you clean everyday, I bet there's nothing else clean the next day," one viewer said. "I bet your house is so nice."

"I wish it was this way but I have a brother," Adele replied. "He makes everything go back to page one!"

In another comment, Adele revealed that she no longer has a job and is focusing on her TikTok and Instagram – where she has over 36,000 followers.

"I used to have a job but I hated it," she added. "Now I get paid to promote clothes on Instagram."

Needless to say, Adele's cleaning regime was a hit with fans who took it as inspiration.

"This is such a good cleaning routine," one replied. "I need to up my game!"

Another added: "Your house must smell so nice and the cleanliness of it makes me so happy."

Meanwhile, a third gushed: "Uhh when can I move in?"

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