I’m so hot that delivery drivers bring me gifts – they love spoiling me | The Sun

A WOMAN has told how she's so hot that even delivery drivers shower her with gifts when they arrive with her parcels.

Former waitress Blondie, 26, doesn't know why men find her so irresistible but she isn't complaining.

The Glasgow-based OnlyFans model always gets free drinks at bars and doesn't think there's anything wrong with taking advantage of her charm.

She says: "A driver for a delivery company would bring me chocolates and treats with my parcel deliveries. 

"It was chocolates from places he would buy himself.

“So if I had a delivery coming from a brand like Lounge Underwear or Zara, he would bring me a massive Cadburys chocolate bar or a little Lindt bunny."

Blondie, who makes up to £20k a month from her online exploits. adds: "It’s also quite common that when my friends and I go out that we get given free drinks from the managers or bar staff.

"They don’t tend to mention why they give the free drinks.

“But it’s pretty obvious by them hanging around your table more than any other table. 

"I used to be a waitress before I took my OnlyFans full time and I’ve worked with girls and guys who would pay more attention to the people they found attractive over the tables of couples on a date. 

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"There have been a couple of times where the bartender has been more bold and will give you a free drink and say 'this is in exchange for your number' or a cheesy line like 'only payment needed is your number.'

"I end up feeling bad because I’ve accepted the free drink with no plan to give my number out so I have to leave a nice tip."

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