I’m plus-size with 40D boobs & tried the viral ‘strapless’ bra hack – it kind of works, but only in desperate situations | The Sun

THIS summer's fashion fixation is a viral hack that promises to convert any bra into a strapless look with just a few twists – but does it work?

One plus-size influencer found it worked on her 40D chest, but there are reasons she won't be using the hack often.

With a combined 320k followers across TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube, fashion blogger Danyelle Miller has a dedicated audience who turn to her for plus-size style tips.

In a recent video, Miller decided to give the latest viral hack a try and convert her everyday bra into a strapless style.

She captioned the video "testing this viral strapless hack on a plus size body," and adding a note to let viewers know that she'd be using a 40D bra in her attempt.

Miller started off on the right foot. Following the viral hack's instructions, Miller put on her normal bra, then crossed one strap over body.


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She pulled a face, raising her eyebrows to indicate her skepticism, but kept going. Miller managed to adjust the first strap into place, and the hack briefly seemed to be working.

Then, she had to criss-cross the second strap over her body. It was obviously difficult, tangling and snapping back into its original position.

Miller laughed at herself when she almost got stuck, but eventually, she moved the strap over her shoulder successfully. "Hmm, okay," she wrote over the footage of the difficult transition.

Once the straps were across her body, Miller got to work trying to get them in place. "Okay, adjusting," she wrote over the video. After struggling a little, she adjusted again.

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The end result was a strapless look, just like in the viral videos about the hack – but Miller wasn't impressed.

The now-strapless bra provided partial coverage, but didn't seem secure, and Miller had to keep nudging the bra back into place.

"I don't know, besties," an unimpressed Miller wrote. "I'd just wear a strapless. More coverage and more comfortable."

To demonstrate the difference, Miller pulled out her own favorite strapless bra and slipped it on. Unlike the viral hack version, Miller's real strapless bra fit her perfectly and stayed in place when she moved.

A commenter on the video said that while the hack technically worked, it didn't seem plus-size friendly.

"Yeah, I wouldn't say it was," Miller responded.

In a follow-up comment, Miller added that the style was a lot of work, and she'd only use it "in a pinch."

Miller tried to imagine scenarios where she'd ever need the inconvenient hack, and came up with one situation that fit the bill. "Only on vacation when I forgot a strapless," she wrote.

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