I’m fat and love showing off my curves, trolls say I look like I ate three whales but it really doesn’t bother me | The Sun

A 'FAT' woman who constantly faces cruel comments from trolls has insisted she couldn't care less what people think about her.

Body positive content creator Megan regularly takes to her social media pages to share videos of herself in bikinis and skimpy ensembles.

But her clips often attract criticism from trolls, with one writing over a recent video of her in a blue bikini: "We should hack slabs of blubber off of you to feed endangered humpback whales because you obviously ate three of them."

However, Megan responded in a voiceover on the video, as she said: "I’m really sorry that I don’t hate myself.

"I’m really sorry that I don’t care. I’m fat – it’s ok."

"Like yeah I'm fat… at least I'm not an a$$," Megan captioned her video.

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People in the comments section were quick to slam the troll, with one writing: "You are beautiful and I wish I had half your confidence!!

"The person that made that comment is a horrible human, and needs to get a life."

'Why can’t people just be kind- it’s sad- Just ignore people like that," another added.

"He obviously hates himself!!!" a third commented.

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"Why??? Why would anyone stop to be nasty to someone who’s done nothing to them!! Beautiful!!"

"Like wow that's literally body shaming, you're big and beautiful," another wrote.

"You do you sweets, have fun & live life. You are beautiful," someone else commented.

While another comment read: "You're beautiful as you are. Live life as you are.

"It's your life. For the haters they have no life, no love for others.

"They only love themselves."

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