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TWO besties have graced screens online to share how great they look in the same four outfits, despite their size differences.

The young women shared their body-positive reviews of a few items from clothing brand Runaway The Label, proclaiming that beauty has no size.

Influencer Evie is a size XS and her friend Emily MicMilan is an XL, but their size differences are probably the only difference between them.

In a popular Instagram Reel, the two women try on four of the same outfits from their Runaway The Label shopping haul that flatters both of them.

Captioned "Beauty has no size", the video sheds a light on the size-inclusive efforts of the brand and shows how well the clothing looks on different body shapes.

Evie is incredibly tall and leggy and Emily is a few inches shorter with a wider waist, but both women look like absolute stars in every single garment.


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The video begins with both women dressed in a hot-pink set, holding a few items from the buy and smiling in front of the camera before looking at each other and tossing the fabrics at the screen.

The phrase "Beauty has no size queens," is said via voiceover at the start of the video.

Their dress sizes are listed at the top of the screens to maintain transparency.

Following the cute introduction, they quickly move into the first dress, the Yorkalina Mini Dress, $83, in the color White Sand.

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The strapless mini dress has a slight slit on one side, and a folded neckline, which only exemplifies the waist and bust of both women in a tasteful manner.

Though not ones to linger, the pair quickly move into their next dress, the Charis Mini Slip Dress, $68, in Green.

They add a little humor to the fashion video by Evie touching up her makeup with a bit of powder and Emily applying another coat of lipgloss, stunning viewers in the process.

The Charis Mini Slip Dress features a mini length, cowl neckline, and a halterneck detail with adjustable ties that reach their midsection.

The next Runaway The Label set they show viewers is the Haylee York Dress, $75, in Sand/Black.

Both women showcased the form-fitting style of the dress well and seemed to agree as they toasted to themselves while also rocking sunglasses.

The last clothing set shared was the Roxy Bustier, $53, and Roxy Skirt, $53, both in Pink.

The bustier features a cropped cut, thick shoulder straps with wiring under the cup that peaks at the bust, giving both women a supported and lifted look.

The mini length Roxy skirt perfectly compliments the sunkissed look of Evie and Emily, completed by a subtle side slit.

Body-positive and praise was the theme of the comment section with both fashionistas receiving good-natured feedback about the clothing buys.

"Honestly they all looked amazing on both of u and I’ve never meant that more," one user commented on the reel.

They enthralled viewers in the black and white dress with one viewer even commenting, "That's black and white tie dress. Gorgeousness. I neeeeeed."

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