I'm an ultrasound tech & always hear the rudest comments from men, don’t complain about your wife's 'fat pants' for one | The Sun

AN ULTRASOUND tech has left social media users gobsmacked after revealing some of the rudest comments she's ever heard at work.

Natalie posted a video where she shared the most ill-mannered remarks she's heard her pregnant patient's family say in front of her – including the husbands.

In the clip, which was posted to TikTok (@natalieavni), she begins by sharing a comment that is often made by the pregnant woman's mum.

According to Natalie, they frequently say things like: "You're so high risk I'm not sure why you keep having babies…"

The ultrasound tech then moves onto a remark she's witnessed come from the mother-in-law's mouth: "You need to feed my baby! You don't even look pregnant!"

Natalie quipped: "It’s the 'my baby' for me!"


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Finally, and perhaps the most shocking, she reveals the unnecessary comment she's heard come from the husband's mouth: "Can't wait for you to get rid of your fat pants."

The video has since gone viral, racking up over 334k views and hundreds of comments from very shocked social media users.

"Noooo freaking way?!?!?" asked one.

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A second commented: "The audacity people think they can have over someone else pregnancy."

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A third joked: "And my family wonders why I've said I'm going into laboor alone.

"One comment like that and they're leaving via door or window!"

Meanwhile, a fourth noted: "The second one is what my MIL said. 'Looks like there’s not enough amniotic fluid in there.' Are you the tech??"

Another added: "The 'you need to feed my baby' one so accurate.

"I’ve heard that so many times during pregnancy."

A further penned: "First baby I was huge, second I could hide until I was 28 weeks. Got told baby was starving!"

And one more chimed in: "My grandmother-in-law has said with both my pregnancies she doesn’t get why we are having kids with all my health problems. 2 healthy babies now…"

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