I'm an organising whizz and have five easy tweaks which cheat your home into looking less cluttered | The Sun

MOST of us aren't naturally organised people, after all, who has the time?

But if you want to make your home less cluttered without spending all of your free time on it there's a few simple ways to do it.

Organising whizz Kallie Branciforte recently shared five things that all organised people do that make having a tidy home a breeze.

Give everything a home

It might seem obvious, but it's easier said than done.

Kallie explained that if things don't have a home they usually sit around on tables or in the corner of rooms before they inevitably end up shoved in the back of a junk drawer.

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She said: "This way everything always has somewhere that it belongs, i ensures you're not creating junk closets or drawers.

"When everything has a home picking up is a breeze, you don't have to extend any mental energy on where things should go, they just go to their spot, make sure to give homes to new things too."

Put things away ASAP

"Organised people don't let things sit around," Kallie said.

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Adding that, "One of the best things I've done on my organisation journey is when a package arrives I tend to it immediately."

Not letting thigs sit around your home that you'll 'get to at some point' can make a massive difference.

Putting away your groceries as soon as you get home, putting away clothes that you tried on in the morning and not leaving dishes to sit in the sink is vital for a less cluttered space.

Shop mindfully

Kallie said: "The more you organise and declutter, the more you realise that everything you buy needs to be taken care of and needs a home.

"You become aware of the stuff that takes time to manage."

The organising pro suggested thinking about if an item is worth the extra work that will have to go into making sure it's kept clean and tidy when you buy it.

If you buy another pair of jeans and a new vase, it's something else to wash or dust, so make sure the trade off is worth it.

Declutter often

Little and often is the way to go if you want to make your home tidy.

"Clutter is not a one time problem with a one time solution," the pro said.

Since there's always things coming into our homes, it's important to make sure they're dealt with as and when they need to be, rather than waiting until you've go enough junk to fill up your car.

Kallie explained: "Decluttering isn't always doing a massive purge of your closet, sometimes it's just clearing off a table that's got some excess on it."

Clear flat surfaces

It's easy to let thing pile up on the various tables and counters around your home, but clearing them often will make your space look much more organised and neat.

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Kallie said:" organised people know that flat surfaces are not the holder of all things, that's not where they belong."

She suggested setting aside a couple of minutes a day to whip around and make sure nothing has gathered on the flat surfaces in your home.

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