I’m an interiors pro – these are the three DIY jobs you should NEVER try at home with no experience

WE would all like to think, if we had the time, we'd be a bit of a dab hand at DIY tasks.

And when you get dizzyingly pricey quotes for doing up the house, it's always tempting to think how much we'd save if we did it ourselves.

But while some jobs, like painting or putting up the odd shelf, are easily achieved with a little know-how and unlikely to backfire, there are some that can cause more harm than good if they go wrong.

Which is why, if you have zero experience, some tasks may be best left to the professionals.

Here, Swyft Interior Design Expert Ben White reveals the three jobs he believes you should always avoid if you don't have any experience….


It might look relatively straight forward to tile a wall, but depending on where you're tiling, it could be costly to rectify a poorly-executed job, and could even cause thousands of pounds worth of damage.


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Ben says: "Tiling is a fine art, it takes years to perfect the hanging and grouting of tiles.

"One of the jobs tilers get called to most often is to rectify a badly tiled room.

"One of the reasons why it’s key to get it right the first time is that poorly grouted tiles allow shower or bathwater in.

"In a bathroom this could leak into the floor and rot the floorboards, rendering your bathroom unsafe for use in the years to come.

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Tiling can be a lot tricker than it looks, and if it's not waterproof in areas such as the bathroom you could cause serious damage to your homeCredit: Getty

"When you consider there’s the removal of the existing tiles, the re-preparation of the wall and the installation of the new tiling, this could cost you hundreds, not without even taking into account the cost of the new tiles!"

Avoid a decor disaster

Painting is one thing, getting wallpapering right is an entirely different beast.

Ben says: "A decent decorator will have mastered the art of hanging the paper and measuring and preparing the room.

"With the preparation, decorators can fill in small holes, prime the walls and either supply or recommend the best-quality adhesives.

"Also, with wallpapered rooms, your eye is often drawn to the areas where there are challenging “workarounds” such as windowsills, mantelpieces and fitted furniture.

"Hiring someone could save you money because you won’t be over-ordering on wallpaper 'just to be sure'!

"Additionally, if done poorly, it’s all you will ever notice, and will be the bane of your existence."

Laying Flooring

Another important task a lot of people assume will be easy is laying flooring.

Ben says: "Similarly to wallpaper, flooring encounters many challenges in the form of odd angles, staircases and doorways.

"Take, for example, if you have a Victorian property, which more often or not has both uneven floors and walls.

"One key thing, which is obvious but maybe needs reiterating, is that the flooring must be level.

"Flooring contractors can support you by recommending the best flooring types to ensure your home looks and feels fit for purpose."

If you are still determined to tackle DIY, with TikTok, YouTube and Instagram offering a plethora of easy-to-follow tutorials, it is possible if you're brave enough.

But as good as they might be, bear in mind you could be missing out on some vital steps when approaching DIY and there are a few things you should always remember.

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"It’s incredibly satisfying to fix something up or make something from scratch, but doing it well isn’t easy,” explains Dave Gordon, General Manager at SGS Engineering.

“The trick with DIY is to start small, make sure you have the right tools – and know how to use them – and ask for help if you need it."

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