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THERE are some things that are never going to make your home look as stylish as you'd like.

In fact, some common mistakes are going to ruin the entire look of your home making it appear cheap and tacky, even if you spent a fortune.

According to interior designer Garrett LeChic, some things will always be a big no-no, no matter how big or small they are.

Messy paint

When painting your home it doesn't matter if you're using the most luxurious, expensive paint if you're not going to take the time to apply it right.

Garrett explained: "Nobody wants to see drips in the paint or any of that on the wall.

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"It distracts from what you're doing and the colour you've chosen, even if it's a white or a neutral."

Cheap looking furniture

Just because you bagged a furniture bargain doesn't mean it will look cheap, but you've got to know what to avoid, Garrett explained.

"No one wants to live in a space that looks like a college student is decorating.

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"We want it to look luxurious and elevated," he continued.

Take the time to find great deals on furniture that might be cheap, but wont look cheap in your home.

Wrong wood tones

According to the interior designer mixing the wrong wood tones together will instantly make your home look ugly.

"It can actually look very sickly and a little bit off putting to have two wood tones that contrast to harshly," Garrett said.

"If you're mixing something like an orangey yellow with something that's more grey or brown it will make a space look a little bit uncomfortable, jarring and honestly, slightly disgusting."

Plastic soap bottles

Think twice next time you're buying hand soap, the wrong bottle can ruin a perfectly good kitchen or bathroom.

The basic plastic bottles with bright coloured soaps and garish designs can cheapen your space.

Instead, Garrett recommended opting for something more neutral or something that you can refill with a cheaper soap of your choice.


"I'm not talking just about physical clutter but visual clutter," Garrett explained.

Physical clutter happens when you have far too much stuff around, but visual clutter happens when your home looks to busy.

Lots of mixed prints, busy art work, different fabrics all can make a room look cluttered, even if it's not.

"Pulling back will definitely help," the pro said, "reduce the items to have some of that negative space."

Dingy whites

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"We all know that as you use white linens, your bedding, sheets, towels, they start to yellow," Garrett explained.

You might not realise how stained and dull your whites have become until you compare it with something new, but they can be making your home look cheap and ugly.

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