I'm an interior designer and my 10 cheap tricks will make your bedroom look SO much more expensive | The Sun

MAKING your home look expensive on a budget isn't always easy.

Luckily, this interior designer shared some of her top tips to elevate your bedroom so you can have those fancy hotel vibes without breaking the bank.

Kristen McGowan revealed the 10 easy changes anyone can make that are minimum effort, maximum effect.

She said: "I'm sure we can all agree we would love our rooms to look and feel like a luxury hotel room, and the only thing stopping us from doing that is just a few decorating tricks."

Upgrade your bedding

If there's anything that's worth splashing the cash on, it's your bedding.

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Think about it, you probably spend a good chunk of your life in between the sheets so it only makes sense that they're quality ones that you love.

Of course, you don't have to spend a fortune, but taking the time to find quality bedding that has more neutral colours and pattern will instantly make a massive difference.

Stay away from matching furniture

If you are looking to buy new furniture for your bedroom, buying matching everything can sometimes work out cheaper and be less stressful, but it can also look tacky and cheap.

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So, if you want to elevate your bedroom, Kristen said: "I highly recommended picking unique pieces for all over your bedroom, meaning your bed doesn't have to match your night stand."

If you already have matching furniture, try swapping things between rooms to give it a more eclectic feel.

Change your lighting

Kristen suggest updating the lamps on your bedside table for ones that make more ofstatement.

She said: "Maybe get some in a contrasting colour to really stand out on either side of your bed."

You don't have to spend a fortune either, shop around for lampshades and bases that you can mix and match.

Add a rug

Kristen said: "Rooms with a rug look more luxurious than those without, sometimes when you don't have rug in your bedroom the furniture looks like it floating.

"You can add a lot of colour texture and character into your room by adding a rug."

Even if you have carpet floors in your bedroom a rug can help elevate the look of it and will make it look much more posh.

Re-think your curtains

"Window treatments in your bedroom should be very function, but also decorative," The pro said.

she explained: "When you go to a hotel they usually have two or three different window treatments.

"Sometimes they have blinds, sheers, and blackout curtains, but you can just to two."

Add seating

"If you have space for it, I highly recommend adding a seating area," Kristen said.

While this can be an arm chair or a love seat, it could just be a small bench at the end of your bed.

If you don't want to fork out any cash, the pro suggesting shopping your own home and moving a chair from somewhere else into your bedroom.

Overfill your pillows and cushions

If you want to hotel look for less, overfilling your cushions will make them look more expensive and high quality.

All you need to do it buy cushions that are slightly too big for their covers so that they look more plump.

Layer your bedding

Once you have bedding that you love, layering it with different pillows, blankets and throws can make all the difference.

Kristen explained that doing so will take your bed from "flat and boring" to hotel worthy and expensive looking instantly.

In the summer you can still layer your bedding as well, just use thinner cotton sheets, as opposed to thick blankets.

No mirrored furniture

Since your bed is the main focus of your bedroom, it's especailly important that you keep the bedframe itself clean and crisp.

Kristen explained that mirrored beds, or any ornate headboards instantly cheapen the look of the room.

She said: "Keep it simple, keep it timeless, decorate the room in other ways."

Think about symmetry

Kristen said: "Symmetry makes such a difference in overall design when you're doing any space, but especially a bedroom."

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She suggested balancing out the room with lighting and decor features.

This doesn't have to mean the exact same thing on both sides of the room, but just things that balance each other out.

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