I’m an interior designer – 3 cheap ways to make your home look more expensive | The Sun

MAKING your home look and feel expensive doesn't have to come with the price tag.

One interior designer shared her ultimate tips and tricks to transform and elevate your home on a budget.

Digital creator @comeplayhouse shares home decor advice, interior design inspiration, and mood boards on TikTok.

Her latest video unpacked the best ways to step up your home decor on a budget.

"Cheap ways to make your home look expensive," she started, showing off a photo of an elegant, Parisian-styled apartment.

Her first tip is to buy coffee table books. This simple addition spruces up a table without all the clutter.

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Her next hack is to remove branded packaging from products, including shampoos and conditioners.

This will create a polished, streamlined look to any space.

She also suggested taking the labels off of spices and hand soaps.

Her final tip is to swap out outdated hardware on furniture — especially in the kitchen.

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This can include a fresh coat of paint, sleek hardware, and fresh tiling.

TikTok users were intrigued by the home decor tips and chimed in with questions.

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One user wrote: "How do you decide what shape coffee table to get? I want one so bad but I don’t want to make the wrong choice."

The interior design expert shared: "Amazon has a feature where you can see what the furniture would look like in the room. It’s pretty cool and it my help."

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