I’m an elegance pro – 3 things cheapening your appearance & the hair mistake is super common | The Sun

LOOKING elegant has been a full-time commitment, paying close attention to every aesthetic detail.

One elegance coach shared the top three things she says cheapen the appearance.

Her Majesty Empire is a blog which focuses on content for women, confidence, and elegance.

The blogger boasts over 60k followers on TikTok and counting.

She took to the social media platform to share her top three "donts" for those who desire to elevate their style.

"Things that cheapen your appearance," she wrote over the video, set to Nelly Furtado's "Man Eater."


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First, the blogger advised paying close attention to your tresses.

"Split ends," she wrote.

Next, she advised those seeking to elevate their style to adopt more modest fashion.

"Overly revealing clothes," she added.

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Finally, she suggested investing in quality accessories instead of those made from cheap materials.

"Plastic jewelry," she said.

Viewers expressed their views and added to the blogger's guidelines.

"Greasy hair," one commenter wrote.

"Chipped nails," another added.

"Overgrown fake nails," a third said.

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