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AN ELEGANCE coach has shared her take on eight pieces women should never wear in order to appear classy.

Some of the items range from articles of clothing like specific tops to shoes.

TikTok account @oldmoney.aesthetics shares posts catered to the old money lifestyle and ways to recreate the vibe.

The old money aesthetic often consists of preppy, monochromatic, and covertly luxurious clothing that usually lacks designer logos.

In a 20-second video, the account lays out specific things ladies should not wear in order to appear their most elegant.

Some of the fashion trends displayed are common among people associated with new money, who have much more visible signs of wealth.


I’m an elegance coach – jewelry classy women never wear – avoid trendy earrings

The first style trend the account says is not the epitome of elegance are crop tops, which are a fashion staple of late as seen by many celebrities and high-end designers.

The second clothing item mentioned is a pair of ripped jeans and that seems a bit more understandable due to the rugged look it gives off.

This is then followed by people buying fake designer bags simply to show off the fake designer logo.

The showing off of designer brands can be seen by many as a cheap look and a tacky style mistake.

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The fourth and fifth tips mentioned are not to wear stiletto-heeled shoes and long fake nails, which can oftentimes come off as gaudy and attention-seeking, according to a number of luxury experts.

The sixth mentioned article of clothing is cartoon-print shirts, which is then followed by the notion of not wearing gym athleisure attire when you're obviously not working out.

The final vibe on the list is 90s grunge style, which has been making a comeback over the last few years, but according to the TikTok video, does not give off the essence of class.

Many of the comments in the comment section of the video consisted of questions about the video creator's point of view.

"But don’t you buy real designer handbags for the logo too? Kinda the same," one viewer commented.

"90s grunge style is the second best," another countered.

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