I'm a washing machine expert – why it shakes like that and how to fix it

THEY'RE known for shaking uncontrollably when they wash, with the shaking often causing a real racket.

But one washing machine expert has explained why the machines shake – and how to stop it.

Life Hacker's Elizabeth Yuko compiled a list of the most common reasons for the shaking, with overloading topping the list.

"It’s great that you’re trying to conserve water and energy by limiting the number of loads you do, but check the owner’s manual to see what their maximum recommended load size and weight, and stick to that," she explained.

Next up, having uneven weight distribution in the machine's drum.

This is usually the case when the shaking doesn't happen on every wash, and can occur if you wash one big item – such as a pillow – alongside smaller pieces.

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To avoid it, you need to even out the load distribution by, for example, adding another pillow or making sure that you wash bigger items separately.

Another reason for a washing machine shaking is if it's uneven on the floor.

To rectify, unplug the washing machine, slide it out and identify why it's wobbling.

Once you've figured out why it's uneven you can sort it out, but remember to use a level to check it's perfect before you use it again.

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People are just discovering what the catch is for on their washing machines

Or it could be your water filter that's blocked.

If you don't know where your filter is located, have a look in the owner's manual – or take a look behind the small panel at the base of the washing machine, where the filters can usually be found.

"Open the panel, and while holding a shallow dish under the hose, carefully loosen and drain it," Emily added.

"You may end up having to empty the dish a few times during the process.

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"Then, remove the filter, get rid of any remaining debris, and rinse it off.

"Lastly, check the reservoir to make sure nothing’s left in there, and then replace the filer."

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