I’m a waitress and this is the most annoying thing customers do when they ‘split the bill'

REVEALING the most annoying part of her job, one waitress tells how customers make some VERY awkward requests.

When it comes to splitting the bill specifically, she says that restaurants guests request to pay for the exact amount they consumed as opposed to 50/50.

Acting out her encounter with a customer on her TikTok channel, she reveals how one woman wanted to pay for the exact amount of bites of food she had.

Posting under the domain @snerixx she shows when a customer asked to split the bill, she told her she could split it 50/50 for them or 25/75 but the guest was much more specific.

Mimicking the guest's response she said: "Well I know personally, I had three out of those eight mozzarella sticks, and I had about a quarter of the chips over there so if you could just split it that way."

The customer continued saying that the pair didn't enjoy the dessert so only wanted to pay for half of it.


"We only want to pay for half of it but we also wanna split it so if you could just split that half in half."

After asking the customer to write down the complicated request, she shows how the woman got snarky with her.

"Just do what we asked, it's OK" and when the waitress admitted she was confused the customer responded, "Oh honey, isn't this your job."

The customer also asked if the restaurant do military discount, but refused to show ID.

The post has been viewed over 3.1 million times and has been met with a range of comments from viewers.

"I'm sorry but when did this become a math test?" commented one person.

Another said: "I can never be friends with someone like that."

"I could NEVER be a waitress. Props to all you guys and your patience" commented a third.

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