I'm a tall lady with some extra hip meat – I wore a skimpy bikini and felt like a 10/10, life's too short to skip meals | The Sun

A TALL woman has embraced her height and hips by showing it all off in a revealing bikini.

She said she felt like a ten out of ten in the swimsuit because life's too short to skip meals.

Chelsea Clark (@chelseanicoleclark) is incredibly proud to be a tall girl and even mentions it in her TikTok bio.

In a video on the platform, she showed off her figure in a photo where she lay on the beach in a red skimpy string bikini.

The blonde woman pinned a comment to the top right that read: "Ok hear me out…we know you look spectacular in ALL of these BUT the reddish/maroon one WAS MADE FOR YOU!!! You look gorgeous!"

Chelsea used a green screen effect to describe the situation with the photo.

"I wore it on the Fourth [of July]. Just ten out of ten, you know? I felt surprisingly comfortable in it," she said.

"I really like this suit. Even if you've got a little extra hip meat get it, just f**king get it," she added.

"Buy the skimpy bikini. Life’s too short besties," she wrote in the video caption.

For a "reality check," she also shared another photo of herself semi-relaxed that emphasized her stomach rolls because in different photos and poses "your body can look different."

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"You're beautiful at any pose, in any size. Eat your f**king meal," she stated as the video came to a close.

Many people agreed with her body positive statement.

"Hip meat. Love it! I will be using it from now on," a viewer commented.

"Wow, you look amazing. You’re beautiful," another added.

"Yessss!" a fan praised.

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