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AS BALMY hot summer evenings draw closer – many Brits will be scrambling for ways to ensure a good night's sleep.

German sleep psychologist Theresa Schnorbach has prescribed a handful of tips and tricks for those who want to tighten their belts and get their eight hours in.

Her methods don't cost a penny, helping you avoid shelling out a fortune to stay cool.

Ventilate your room

Contrary to popular belief, leaving your windows open is sworn against by the expert.

Schnorbach told MailOnline: "Firstly, you should look to keep windows and curtains closed during the day to help keep your bedroom cool.

"During the night, you can open your windows and curtains to allow a fresh breeze in."

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Of course, only leave windows open if it's safe and secure to do so.

If your room has no natural light, vents and fans may be your best bet to nod off uninterrupted.

Have a lukewarm shower

An even-keel water temperature is the recommended course of action for managing summer heat.

"While a freezing cold shower before bed may be what you're craving to help beat the heat, I suggest opting for one that is lukewarm instead," Schnorbach continued.

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"A shower that is too cold will actually cause the body to warm up again to re-balance the body temperature."

Wear cotton – or your birthday suit

Hopping into bed nude is the best way to stay cool.

But if wearing threads is a prerequisite before your head hits the pillow – opt for cotton.

The expert reveals: "The material actually helps your skin breathe while absorbing your sweat during the night".

Graze on fruit

Melatonin – a hormone which can facilitate sleep – is found in a number of fruits.

Nibbling on cherries, pineapples, oranges, apples, and bananas not only chalk up your recommended five-a-day – but can help promote sleep.

Schnorbach reveals: "By producing more melatonin, your body can help better regulate its internal clock and you can doze off more easily at night."


A final tip is to snuggle up to your significant other.

She concludes: "While it may feel counterintuitive, a cuddle before bed can help in reducing your core temperature by encouraging your blood vessels to dilate, thus losing excessive body heat."

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